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S1: E21: Sandee June - Hummingbirds, Doves, and Talking Horses (REMASTERED)

December 01, 2021 Backstage Pass Radio Season 1 Episode 21
Backstage Pass Radio
S1: E21: Sandee June - Hummingbirds, Doves, and Talking Horses (REMASTERED)
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Dreaming Big, Carving a Path and Never Detouring Independent country artist Sandee June has a way of drawing you in with her rich, soothing tone and instantly connecting you with the lyrics of a song. She’s a singer, songwriter and lifelong Texan who grew up listening to her parents’ music – Michael Martin Murphey, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens
and Elton John. She admits she has classic rock in her soul, but when she sings, it always “comes out country.” Maybe that’s because time spent with her grandparents always included listening to Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn – two of her all-time music heroes. There’s no doubt you can hear the influences of these two country music icons every time Sandee June steps up to a microphone.

Just like her heroes, the storytelling quality in her voice is not something she learned – it’s a God-given gift that perfectly reflects the experiences of her life. You see, Sandee June’s path in music isn’t typical, but one she is uniquely carving on her own, fueled by words of wisdom from her parents that she’s carried with her since she was a child.

 While she’s always kept those words close to her heart, for the past 30 years she has focused on her children and a career in nursing. “There are a lot of things I would have liked to have done for myself, but I knew it would take two incomes to raise a big family. I thought, if I’m going to work, I am going to get a degree and make good money,” she said. “When I got accepted to nursing school, I had a 3-month-old, a 2-year-old, a 4-year- old and an 8-year-old. I look back on that now and think – how in the world did I do that? But I did.”

With that same grit and determination – on her 50th birthday – she remembered her parents’ advice and set out to achieve a new goal. “I have always had a deep passion for music, so when I turned 50, I woke up and thought – this is the perfect time to do something for me. So, I went and bought myself a guitar,” she said. She taught herself to play guitar by watching YouTube videos and then realized it would be a lot more fun to sing along. Soon after, her fiancé, Ed Bradley, heard her and said, “by God, I think you can sing!”

Empowered with six strings and a silky, classic country voice, she decided to start playing at open mics in the Clear Lake and Dickinson areas, southeast of Houston. The positive response she received encouraged her to start recording music and sharing it with others.
“When I set my mind to do something, I don’t detour. I don’t get off track, I just do it,” she said.
In October 2020, she released her first song to Texas country radio – “Somewhere Between Hell and a Honky Tonk.”

Sandee June is beyond happy with her new journey and has already experienced great opportunities including opening for Texas country artist Josh Ward. “The first time we saw Josh Ward was at Armadillo Palace in Houston. He was walking around the corner and I stopped him and asked if I could have a picture with him. I was starstruck at the time, and then
there I was on Labor Day weekend, one of his opening acts. That was a Cinderella story for me,” she added.

What excites her most now is seeing her dream come to life and knowing that her children and grandchildren are watching and supporting her. “My kids were shocked at first – wow, what’s going on? Mom turns 50 and joins a band,” she laughed. “My grandkids just think it’s the best. We have the best time in our music room. They all grab a guitar or a microphone and want to sing and play. I hope it inspires them, as well, to be creative in life and keep

Sandee June hopes to be an inspiration to all and encourages people to dream big, create their own path, and never detour.


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Randy Hulsey, Sandee June, Adam Gordon


Randy Hulsey  00:00

Hey everyone, I have a wonderful guest that met me here in the crystal vision studio this evening. My guest is a song charting musician, a mother of four and a registered nurse, we will visit with the lovely and talented Sandy June when we return.


Adam Gordon  00:14

This is backstage pass radio, the podcast that's designed for the music junkie with a thirst for musical knowledge. Hi, this is Adam Gordon. And I want to thank you all for joining us today. Make sure you like subscribe and turn the alerts on for this and all upcoming podcasts. And now here's your host of backstage pass radio, Randy Halsey.


Randy Hulsey  00:43

So, Sandy and Edie, thanks for showing up here in the crystal vision studios. And it's my understanding that you guys drove all the way from the South side of town. Right?


Sandee June  00:52

Did we are down there close to the island about 15 minutes from Galveston in a little town called Santa Fe, Texas.


Randy Hulsey  00:59

Santa Fe. Yeah, that's not too far from Galveston at all. I have a buddy that I graduated from high school with and he's living in Santa Fe right now. So I think now I know, two people that live in Santa Fe, well, three and three, including Ed now,


Sandee June  01:15

Tola 20.


Randy Hulsey  01:16

So you almost know us all. I know 1/4 of the population of Santa Fe. And I was telling you the funny story earlier about the girl that I dated back in school. And she was from Manville. And I said, you know, my claim to fame was I think I dated the only girl that lived in Manville at the time, so called back then there was, there was not many people in manvel, Texas, right? We went through the first part of the pandemic, and we thought things were kind of coming around, and now it's back again. How are things for you, like from a family perspective? And just from a music perspective, what impact has the pandemic had on you both personally, and from a professional perspective?


Sandee June  01:58

Well, luckily, we weren't impacted very bad with the pandemic and is self employed and does his own thing. And people still ordered dirt and concrete. So we weren't financially impacted. And musically, that gave me a lot of time to write and kind of get to know who I am as an artist and work a little harder at learning to sing and play and you know, just grow as a musician. So that was some it was good time at home. We used it wisely. I should say, I started cooking more.


Randy Hulsey  02:34

And I know it likes that too. That's right.


Sandee June  02:38

I got hooked on watching


Randy Hulsey  02:40

biscuits, bng biscuits and gravy. That's where


Sandee June  02:43

I got hooked on watching Brenda ganz cooking on Facebook. And she's just a southern lady from Andalusia, Alabama. And I just love her conversations and my parents are gone and my grandparents are gone. So I don't really have elderly people to look up to so I've kind of adopted her as my family. Right, your virtual virtual mother and grandmother. Yes. So, you know, we've just used that time wisely. And we grew as people and me as an artist. And now we're back from



her. Yeah, I think we all did that.


Sandee June  03:20

But now we're back on the road and singing and things are opening back up. And that's a good thing.


Randy Hulsey  03:25

Yeah, well, that's good. I know, a lot of people that wrote and wrote and wrote during the pandemic. I mean, what else? What else were we going to do? Like when things were closed down, and especially for the folks that were full time musicians while I'm like, what, what do you do and if you're not worked, so you have to use that time, wisely, learn new songs, collaborate with, I guess, new people, or whatever the case may be. But from a COVID perspective, I'm hoping that the family was well during COVID and nobody got too sick or didn't get sick at all during the pandemic. Talk to me a little bit about where you grew up.


Sandee June  04:01

All right, so I was born in Galveston and my mom and dad were both born there. When I turned five my mom moved to Santa Fe she didn't want us to go to school there although they went to school they're all there live and graduated from there. So I've been in Santa Fe ever since and I've never left it's just kind of my home base. Sure. I'd love to move to the whole country or maybe not permanently because I could never leave my children and grandchildren but I'd love to have a little house by the river little getaway house hint hint and


Randy Hulsey  04:33

it's taken mental notes just need a few hit songs yeah right yeah no pressure there for you.


Sandee June  04:39

Oh putting it back in my lap


Randy Hulsey  04:43

Well, I've said that to my parents live right across in town lake which is a very nice masterplan community it's a big waterskiing Lake and it's beautiful there. And you know, at this stage in the game, I would love to move to the hill country too and or some Where, and buy a few acres and not be all jammed up next to other humans. But you know, at this stage in the game, I'm not going to move away from mom and dad, you know, because you don't know later on if they if they're going to need something and I see so many hardships with people that have moved away. They live in another state and somebody's sick and you can't get to them. And it's just like, oh my gosh, you know, here I can ride a bike to their house. Right, which is, yeah, so yeah, there's at this at this point, there's no sense in in right off. So


Sandee June  05:33

well, I'd like just to have a little one or two bedroom little cabin, somewhere on the river doesn't have to be a lot. I can even have a tiny home. Well, it's,


Randy Hulsey  05:41

it's, the thing is, it's not the little one bedroom cabin, that's expensive. It's the little piece of land in the hill country. That's like 40 times the price of that one little bedroom house that she was



on in that perfect spot.


Sandee June  05:57

Well, we could always just get like a motorhome then. And we can drive around at different lakes and rivers and you know, have the best of the land. I'm like,


Randy Hulsey  06:06

It's ours. I've wondered what that life would be like, like, as I as I age, it's like, it'd be cool to just have like a 40 foot motorhome and just just drive around and just see different parts of the eye. And then I'm like, you know, I think I think that that would be okay for a while but like anything you when you Yeah, one year and your arm tapping, you know, like, I'm out. Like, I gotta, I gotta have a place where I can call my


Sandee June  06:32

I have to have a home base. Also, I definitely.


Randy Hulsey  06:35

I don't think I could give up my house. But it would be cool to be able to drive around and just meet new people and see different parts of the country and whatnot. But


Sandee June  06:43

I'm wanting to do right now and just, you know, we



can do that on radio tour.


Randy Hulsey  06:48

Okay. Yeah. For sure. What were you doing as a kid? Were you the sports kid? Were you the were you a dancer? Like, you know, a lot of little girls get into tap and ballet and that kind of thing. Were you a music kid? Like talk to me a little bit about Sandy. Is the youngster like grade school higher?


Sandee June  07:06

Yes, I was. I did tap ballet. Gymnastics. Yes. All my life. I did. I was a tumbler I was a cheerleader for, you know, eighth grade ninth 10th 11th 12. And I did do sports. I played basketball. And I ran track basketball, track and cheerleading. That was my thing. And I was busy all the time. But music. It was just always played in our house and my mom and and my sister and I Saturdays were our cleaning days. And we would have the music, you know, the radio cranked up and albums. Mom had the, you know, the albums and that was that was it. I didn't play anything growing up and seeing growing up. Yeah, except for in the house or in the car.


Randy Hulsey  07:52

Well, that was a lot like like me. I mean, we grew up listening to the radio. And that's where the first love came from. Yeah, so you dabble in a little little bit of everything. That sounds like it was


Sandee June  08:03

always in the back of my head though. I've always thought I either wanted to be an actor, or I wanted to sing and play an instrument. Yeah. And piano was actually the first instrument of choice that I wanted to do. But then I thought, well, I can't take that with me places. So I need something I can take with me. So I chose the guitar. I'm glad.


Randy Hulsey  08:25

No, that's that's a good choice. It's funny because we have that conversation a little bit before we hit the record button. And the first guitar that I bought was a bass guitar. Because I was always a huge Nikki six fan from Motley Crue, I just thought the bass guitar was just sexy as hell, right? Yeah. And I always wanted to be a bass player. And then I realized, well, wait a minute, you're a pretty good vocalist can't really sing to the bass guitar, right that the bass guitar is kind of more of the rhythm section of the band. So that's when I said it's time I got to go and buy an acoustic guitar. And that's when the whole guitar thing started for me, but it was a bass guitar that I bought first, much like you were it's, and I was like, Okay, this is kind of hard to tote around. Well, the bass guitar is hard to sing, too. So you find your way. That's where you find the one that you gravitate to. That's the one you go with. You can


Sandee June  09:16

still dabble with those other instruments. A friend of mine, Seth Candon. He plays the harmonica. He plays the piano. He plays the guitar. He's a multi instrumentalist, but he bought me a harmonica a few months back and I've been trying to learn that so nice. I want to add that to it there on my Instagram that you scroll down there's a little post of me with the with the harmonica my dad he played the harmonica growing up Yes. So my I mean I can still hear it going down the road and him playing piano man, you know, wow, yeah.


Randy Hulsey  09:50

That then that's in that the harmonica was very prevalent in that song. Yes, sir. Always had it in his pocket. The interesting thing that I found out about the harmonica or something Alta blues harp is that I had bought one I bought my first one years and years and years ago and I put on a song and I started trying to play this thing or just, I was just blowing on it. I'm like, God, it sounds so dissonant. It's not even, it's not even in tune kind of thing. And I didn't realize till later that each harp is in a key, right? It's a D, E, F, G, so you have to match the key that you're playing. And so that was my first lesson of the of the harmonica that you got to have the right key to make it sound good. So for all you aspiring blues harp players, you got to there's multiple keys that you can play on. So you got to make sure you match the key with the song that you're playing. It's so true. So what genre would you say as a kid your cleaning house on Saturday mornings? What was the genre that just knocked your socks off?


Sandee June  10:49

I was classic rock. That's where my soul is. My heart and soul is in classic rock. I love country two at home. You know, my parents, they listened to you know, Bob Seger and the Eagles and Elton John and Janis Joplin and I mean Led Zeppelin and Leonard Skinner. Marshall Tucker band 38 special so that's really where my soul is. But when I was at my grandparents house, you know, there was Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, and, you know, all the good old classic country so I have that great mixture. I love both. Yeah, but you know, I was home more than I was at my grandparents. So


Randy Hulsey  11:28

every band that you mentioned in there is stuff that I cover and every show that everything people always ask me, What do you play and I say I play everything from George Strait to Duran Duran to Led Zeppelin to I mean, you name the Eagles, I do four or five songs by the Eagles. I did that stuff just never gets old data and never gets old. And I just got into vinyl collecting. And I'm buying stuff that I listened to 40 years ago, and it's just like it. I mean, most people would say, why don't you buy something that you've never really listened to? It's like, that's not fun. And I want to I want to hear the Bob Seger is greatest hits. Tom Petty's great like you can't go wrong with the stuff at all


Sandee June  12:13

it just always sounds good. And I don't know I guess it's you know, brings me back to those memories that all those songs have so you know that place in time in my life and I agree with I just I love it and all of Boston songs I can remember I was on East Beach Oh yeah,


Randy Hulsey  12:34

that was the place probably fell into a couple of



Bikini contests down there.


Randy Hulsey  12:40

I did I was probably too drunk to even though to sell


Sandee June  12:44

101 K lol remember it? Well. They had a bikini contest down there one time. And I won.


Randy Hulsey  12:53

Awesome. The good old 97 Rock and 910 1k lol Yeah, for sure. I so you cited Patsy Cline and Loretta LAN as musical heroes. Talk to me a little bit about that. Why those two artists of all the artists out there why was it what drew you to those two? What do you think?


Sandee June  13:15

I think because they were both organically grown and they were just like Loretta Lynch. She was just a housewife. She was just home and I can relate to that. I have four children and you know, I'll come January we'll have together 16 grandchildren. And I'm really I'm a homebody I love home and, and I related I relate to Loretta Lynn and I used to lay in bed with my grandmother and watch Coal Miner's Daughter. And so that was, you know, great memories and just watching her story, and how she grew to be such a legend and country music. It's inspiring Patsy Cline as well, you know, she's just amazing. And how she took Loretta Lynn in under her wing and just helped her and, you know, be more of the woman that she was? Sure. That's their inspirations for me as well.


Randy Hulsey  14:07

And I asked some of these questions because probably before I started playing out professionally back in 2000s, I think it was 2016 when I started booking myself out for solo shows. And I was a classic rock guy too. And I didn't know much by way of country, I just never, I never listened to it. And I said, Okay, to be a solo guy. You're going to have to, you're going to force yourself, you're going to have to learn some of that genre. Right. And I have fallen in love with it. I've fallen in love with the Americana genre. I love Jason as Bill in the 400 unit. I love you know, so many of these groups. So I like to hear why the inspiration for some of these country legends What led you to


Sandee June  14:52

claim I just, you know, like I said I relate to their story, you know, the person that they were in life so you know, Ready? Seems to I don't know if some some people, it's their family was already some famous or something and they, you know, come into it that way. But I like how Loretta Lynn was just a coal miner's daughter. Yeah. You know,



riding around eating bologna. That's right. Yeah, that's


Sandee June  15:17

kind of a funny story where we were at one of my radio interviews on the tour. And we were rushing around from radio station, a radio station and this particular radio station. She said, Well, you're just touring around like they did in the old days. I said, Yeah, we are, you know, as I kind of like my favorite movie. Coal Miner's Daughter. She goes, Yeah. Laura Lynn. I said, yep. And we got bologna sandwiches in the car.


Randy Hulsey  15:43

It wouldn't be the same if you didn't.


Sandee June  15:45

Exactly. So if you've ever seen that movie, you know why, yeah, bologna sandwiches is funny.


Randy Hulsey  15:51

Now you had a career. So I was educated a little bit when you came in, because I was thinking that you were like, your full time job was in health care. But I was educated that it's no longer in health care. But I wanted to go back to health care a little bit, because you spent many years as a nurse, I talked to me a little bit about, you know, let's say you graduated from high school, and then you probably we all had the odd jobs. But when did the nursing thing come into the picture for you?


Sandee June  16:21

Okay. Yes. So my senior years when I started working half a day for a doctor. And he taught me so much, you know, was taking blood pressures and given shots and drawn blood. And I always wanted to be a nurse, but I kind of did everything backwards. I was one of those girls where, you know, I did, I wound up the baby after graduation, and I had my children first got married and, and then I was still working in health care. I was a certified medical assistant. My sister called me up one day, and she said, I'm going to nursing school. And I said, not without me, because that's always been my dream. So I started going to school and taking classes. And when I was accepted into nursing school, I had a three month old, a two year old, a four year old and an eight year old. You did do that backwards. I did it. Yes. And I said I wanted to be done by the time I was 29. And, and I was I graduated from nursing school when I was 29. And I worked in cardiothoracic surgery at UTMB. And that's that was my place. And then I wound up my middle son has a pacemaker. And he was starting school starting kindergarten. And I didn't want him. I just didn't trust here. I was a cardiothoracic surgery nurse, and he was needing a pacemaker. And he was starting school, and I was scared that something were to happen and the school nurse wouldn't know what to do. So I went and talked to the teacher and I said, I just want to put a name with a face. If the job comes open, I want it because I wanted to be there with him, because he was having a halter monitor having to wear that. And as soon as he went into third degree heart block, we were gonna have to put a pacemaker in. So I wound up doing both jobs. I became the nursing supervisor for the school district in Santa Fe, and I worked two to three shifts a month at UTMB and cardiothoracic surgery just to keep my current skills up and in cardiac nursing. And then when he was a junior in high school, he said, Mom, you really don't have to work here anymore.


Randy Hulsey  18:22

Well, they get to that age where they're cool now, right? And they don't mom anywhere, like on the premises of the school doesn't matter in what capacity, leave the school. Don't drop me off, don't pick up.


Sandee June  18:34

Then from there. I went in. I was a nurse manager for the internal agency at UTMB. And then I really decided I did not like management. It was like adult daycare.


Randy Hulsey  18:45

Right. So that's a whole difference.





Sandee June  18:48

So then I went to work for Houston physician Surgery Center and I work in the recovery room work pre op. And right now I still occasionally work PRN that's, you know, if needed for plastic surgeon, but mainly full time I take care of all of Edie stuff. All of his business. I do all his office work. I miss. I miss everything. Without me he doesn't get paid so



well. I believe you're the behind the scenes manager. Yeah, that's


Sandee June  19:17

right. That's right. And then I take care of my family. So sure and do music.



Really? Yeah, really. Her music is probably more full time than anything anymore.


Sandee June  19:26

Yeah. And you you and the family. I can


Randy Hulsey  19:30

see that. I can see that. That he's probably a fool. Oh, yeah. Dirty, right. Yeah.


Sandee June  19:35

It's hard. Because I'm home and I work from home so he'll call me if I need this. I need to do that.



Honey got another show booked.



It makes it all better than Yeah. Are my kids are calling in saying you know, can you babysit? Yeah, well, that


Randy Hulsey  19:51

certainly is a little bit kind of reverse order for doing nursing school. And I know that nursing school is is not for the faint of heart. Like it's not something a lot of, in fact, I know a lot of people that actually have to quit work yet, right? Because they just can't manage this. It's just such a load and to have what you have for that I'm so fortunate for kids at the time, and you were like, so it's possible to do it. But you probably wouldn't recommend that for anybody trying to get through nursing school, you have


Sandee June  20:25

to have a really strong mind, and you have to run a tight ship. And I do that's really how I am I do run a tight ship, the greatest



thing she's actually took our daughter in laws to have our daughter and walls and help them through nursing


Randy Hulsey  20:42

home. Nice. I have


Sandee June  20:42

nieces, they're all nurses and mentors. They would get around my dining room table, and I would teach them medication math. And, you know, so I've grown some baby nurses and my family what's great about seven of them, that's great. Yeah. So but you just have to be very disciplined, you know. And that's an I was, well, it's like


Randy Hulsey  21:03

anything, it's even with the music you have to you have to put in the time, right? You get out of things, what you put into an old adage that we've lived with for


Sandee June  21:13

all of our lives. I was sitting at football games for my kids and reading and studying my butt and my lawn chair with reading and studying. That's right.


Randy Hulsey  21:21

And how many years did you have under your belt and nursing? Like just straight nursing? Well,


Sandee June  21:27

I quit five years ago, full time. So 20 years, 20 years, okay, because it's been five years that I've not been working full time and just, you know, at PRN, but training nurses during that time. Yeah, during that time, I was still teaching.


Randy Hulsey  21:43

That's great that you have that to offer people, for sure. And so you spent many years as a nurse, and then one day you wake up and you decide that I'm going to be a country artist today. Talk to me about that.


Sandee June  21:55

Yes. So growing up, my mom always told me Honey, don't die with your music still inside. And she meant that about anything in life, you know, if you want to do something new or different, or learn something, and my daddy always told me, I don't care how old you get. Don't ever stop learning something new. So when I turned 54 years ago, I said, You know what, it's time for me to do something that I want to do. I've taken care of my family. I've, you know, had a nursing career, which is something for me too, but something fun. And something that was passionate to me. And dear to me. And music is always been that. And so I decided I'm going to learn to play the guitar and a challenge. Yes, I love a challenge. And so but the thing about it was I didn't tell anybody, I secretly went and bought myself a guitar. And I was teaching myself to play. I started January 26. And I kept a diary. And I was playing and five weeks. And I was calling every day just to ask, you know, are you coming home and after it was that fifth week, he got curious and came home early. And he came through the door and I was sitting at the kitchen table playing and he just the look on his face was priceless. I wish I had a video because he said what in the heck are you doing? I said I'm playing the guitar. He said, When did you learn to play the guitar? And what else? Don't I know about you? I was hiding it.


Randy Hulsey  23:20

You didn't even know she owned a



guitar at this time. Yes. She was hiding the guitar in the attic.


Sandee June  23:25

Yep, I sure was. Because I already wanted to play. I wanted to, you know be playing before. I didn't want to hear that. Let them hear the ugly. You know, I didn't want them to see and hear the ugly. Yeah.


Randy Hulsey  23:38

And I don't think any of us do. Like we want to wake up one day snap our fingers and we're all Eddie Van Halen. But does that really happen in the real world? It doesn't. You got to you got to put in the time and I've said to so many people that I think so many people yearn to play the guitar but I think when the fingers start to blister that's that's when it weeds out the lovers of the guitar from the people that thought they love guitar because you get those those still strings is 100% I shouldn't even have those


Sandee June  24:13

fingers but there are calluses Yeah, I'm a lady and it's sometimes I'll go get manicure like I don't get nails and that stuff I like just plain and short and buff my nails but I'm gonna tell they're always trying to like what is that you know there



she started for hours and hours and once I found out oh my gosh it was all night long almost I mean yes played and played and I keep him up I mean very I never


Sandee June  24:40

stopped but I'm that way when I get focused and I decide I'm going to do something that's it. I'm um tunneled on to that and then stops


Randy Hulsey  24:51

you're like me, I was talking to Terry when we had gone to eat the other night and we were just I think we were talking about the podcast and I said when I decided to do it, I jumped in with both feet. And I said, I'm gonna do it, I'm going to do it to the best of my ability. And I want to, I want in my mind to think it's going to be the best show that is ever been listened to, on the internet, even if it sucked, I'm going to do the best that I can do, I'm not going to just dabble in it, and maybe do this and maybe do that. I'm gonna put the time into it. And if it works, I'm an Aquarius. And I don't keep up with all the astrological stuff but doesn't mean to be but I have a lot of people ask me, Are you this? Are you there? I know. My dad said one time Why don't you get a once you get an emery board and file those things down like that it took 37 years to get these things you don't just file them off, right? It's necessary for those that are not guitar players. Yes, I have the calluses on the fingers. Otherwise, you go back through the blistering process.


Sandee June  25:53

And that was so painful. I remember they looked like just red or pink swollen, you know, little berries on the end of my fingers. But I just still mustard through and I have a girlfriend that you know, she played the guitar, she would tell me you've got to stop doing that you're gonna you're gonna cause damage and to your nerves and bowl. And I said, No, I'm not I'm not stopping I push through the pain.


Randy Hulsey  26:17

70 million people can't be wrong, right? How many guitar players



buddy says they can play the guitar, you need to ask them to put their hand out till the end of their fingers. Exactly.


Randy Hulsey  26:29

And you know what's funny is like I you get on Facebook. And there's like, I'm part of the Taylor guitar group. And I'm part of these different groups. And it's so funny because one person will post their calluses. And next thing you know, there's 80 people behind them all post and picture there. So this is like, this was like a medallion for guitar. Whose calluses are better than proud and so proud of mine. Such a trivial thing. But we're so proud of


Sandee June  26:59

I know I'm always walking. I'll tell my my grown children like feel this.


Randy Hulsey  27:03

Yeah, like, they don't they don't get it. But it's not gross to you. Prouds guard. That's right. That's right. Yeah, that shows that she's put in the time for sure. Yeah. So you talked about purchasing the guitar. You hid in the closet for a while you learn to play the guitar, but it was through YouTube, that you learn to play the guitar at


Sandee June  27:24

sports. I went started with less than one. And I just went from there. And then I you know, I would look at other videos and stuff. But I really liked Marty. So Marty smart. Yeah. He was pretty good. And I just kept doing what he said. And at least even if you're tired, even if your fingers are hurting just five to 10 minutes a day. Don't Don't ever stop.


Randy Hulsey  27:46

Yeah. Yeah, a lot. Do it a lot more, but in less shorter, shorter timeframe. Five to 10 minutes.



Well, no, it wasn't. It wasn't. Yeah.


Randy Hulsey  27:57

Marty Schwartz is somebody that I watched for for a long time to Yeah, I didn't learn. I mean, I've learned some things from him. I didn't really watch him to actually learn how to play the guitar. I was already way down the road. But he's very, he has a huge following on the


Sandee June  28:14

internet. And I've you know, I've watched him. That's where I've learned some of my little riffs. Okay, so I say I've never had a lesson I have taught myself off YouTube. But I guess Marty Schwartz was my instructor.


Randy Hulsey  28:27

Well, that's great, because there's learning tools there now where when I started playing the guitar, there was no such thing as the internet. Right? So you learn you what you did was you popped in a cassette tape, and you hit play, rewind, play, rewind 100 million times, and listen to it in your ear until you could go back and recite that on the fret board. That's how we learned there was no tablature there was no Marty Schwartz, there was no Guthrie trap, there was none of these people and like you learn now, so much faster than what we did. Yeah, or two years ago.



Nowadays, you can just tear a complete motor down on YouTube, you know, absolutely together Yeah, of step by step.


Sandee June  29:12

But you know, what I've also really enjoyed is getting with other players. And I've, that taught me a lot too, with rhythm, you know, and playing with other people and seeing what they do. Because whenever I was at home, I was taught and I was someone told me this, and we'll get to that part in a little bit Randy meadows, but when I first started playing, he just said Always remember, you know, this is definitely I play with my right hand rhythm. And so your cord hand he said that this is your rhythm hand is your attitude. So magical hand. Yeah, your attitude. So he said, just think about what your song is, you know, sure, but some attitude and it was that hand so that really helped to but playing in a group with people. I love that.


Randy Hulsey  29:58

Well they say even if you're one orable you get better by playing with other people? That's right. And it's like whether it's in you were in sports, you were in cheerleading. It's always good to be or compete with somebody better. Because what does that do that elevates? That's your effort or elevate your game as well. So I think there's a lot to learn from that. We always want to be better, right? So you got to be with people better if you regress to play in with people that are worse than you then you. I mean, yes. Status quo was not a good thing you want to exceeds


Sandee June  30:33

my band leader says that, you know, you're as strong as your weakest. Absolutely. In your band. So



always try to beat people. Yeah, yeah.


Sandee June  30:44

I'm very lucky to have the talented band that I have. So


Randy Hulsey  30:47

well, I've I've seen some of your videos. And you guys sound great. And you you play well, apparently, you weren't watching Randy Hulsey play a guitar on YouTube because you play a lot better than then. What What would you remember what the first guitar was that you bought the one that you were hiding in the closet with?


Sandee June  31:05

It's an IBNS. And, and I didn't know what I was buying. I had no idea. I just was looking for fit and comfort when I bought it so that you know, it turned out to be a really nice little guitar and I still play it. It sits in my bedroom with my little Fishman amp. And that's where I synced it every night. And I love it so that that guitar is there. And now I think I think I have about 17 guitars. But I give them all a little bit of love every day. Yeah,



not saying she could play I went out and bought her a Gibson hummingbird. Yes. He told


Sandee June  31:38

me what a nice, he took me to Carabas to eat. And oh, hold on.


Randy Hulsey  31:43

I love you. And if you need to need a male friend, I need a hummingbird too.


Sandee June  31:49

Well, let me tell you this funny story behind that. So well, we go to Caracas. And he said, and we would do this. Okay, so I'm just going to tell you the truth. So like we have, you know, we always have a house full of kids and grandkids. You know, my house is home base. So it's always full. And even when the kids were all still home, some grown up teenagers, you know, able to be on their own. We would just want to get away, you know, so we go eat at Carabas. And we get a room at the Hampton right next door. So that that particular drive it Yeah, that's right. So you had a room at the Hampton and when I walked in there, he had flowers in there. And he had that Gibson guitar there which at the time, I didn't know a hummingbird from, you know, a dove. I didn't know any I didn't know anything about the names of guitars. And I remember I took it to the Guitar Center to have it really strong. I wanted some lighter strings on it. And I had gotten on Amazon and there was some little butterfly applicators and a little hummingbird and I put it on the pit guard of the guitar just because I thought it was pretty. And so I went to the Guitar Center to have it restrung and the guy said nice hummingbird Do you have I said Oh, thank you. I got that from Amazon is sticker to know what? He goes no your guitar. And I said why? He goes That's a hummingbird Gibson. I said what? And he goes yeah, look, look inside that you know the sound or a nice guitar? Yeah, I had no clue. I had a Gibson hummingbird I just knew is that Gibson? So that was a funny story behind that. And I still have that, you know, on there.


Randy Hulsey  33:20

Well, the funnier story is that you made a reference to a dove and there's also a Gibson, right? There is and I have one it's white and neither neither one of them are cheap guitars. In fact that my lead guitarist Chris Hughes, he lives on the island and that's who plays all my shows with me now. And he plays a Gibson SJ 200 beautiful guitar. And I've always been a big Taylor player. And I've fallen in love with the sound of the Gibson and Iam Yeah, so anyway, you bring up hummingbird


Sandee June  33:56

to Taylor's to the first Taylor was the GS mini off that because we like when we travel or something. I thought this tiny little smaller case, but now I've grown to just love the bigger ones. So I've done enough to leave them to one to every grandkid.


Randy Hulsey  34:12

Well, you have a friend now that you can that's right yeah, we can we can



get together a nice 1960 to



get I do


Sandee June  34:22

sounds so amazing. Is that nice warm sound.


Randy Hulsey  34:26

Oh yeah. It's beautiful. A lot of people don't realize to get too far down in a technical hole of guitars but there's an art to buying the right guitar for the for the right person. And I think a lot of people will go into a store and look at the wall and say, Oh, that one's pretty right and they buy it because it's pretty but you really have to understand how do you play it how do you strum it? Do you need you know, are you a lead player you a finger player like like in all of these things make a difference? Because if you're just a finger player, you want a smaller body right? You want to a concert by Audio on the guitar, whether, you know if you're if you're one that just digs into an acoustic like that, then you're you're going to want to orchestra body which is a much bigger body, you know, and they don't understand that these acoustic guitars make sound by making the top of the guitar move. That's what moves the sound out of the sound hole. And once you understand that, then you can start to buy the guitar the right



way, you know, so many because because you


Randy Hulsey  35:26

didn't know those things. Well, and that's sad because people you know, that were selling their guitars should have asked those questions. But even the tonewoods make a difference like my working guitar that I play my shows with as a tailor 814 C E, and it's an Indian rosewood and Indian rosewood is known for a nice warm sound. I like that nice warm sound. I'm not a tinny sounding. Yeah, so it all the wood makes all the difference in the world. Every wood sounds different whether it's a pili or Coca Cola, cola. They all sound they all sound different.


Sandee June  36:00

That's right. Yeah, I love I love them all. Just depends what mood I'm in or what what song I'm going to be singing, you know, like, or what type of music I'm gonna be playing. Yeah, pick up different ones. So my electric two.


Randy Hulsey  36:13

Yeah, and you know what? I don't I don't play much electric at all anymore. The most recent one I bought was a Fender Telecaster and I and I love the guitar. I just don't have much of a reason to play it. I don't play them live,


Sandee June  36:27

right. I just bought me the new fender it's fender it's acoustic and electric. It's


Randy Hulsey  36:34

yeah, that's the hybrid. Yeah, that's what Acoustasonic or whatever.


Sandee June  36:38

Oh my gosh, I love it. It's so lightweight.


Randy Hulsey  36:41

And Taylor has one called the T five z, which is a hybrid of you know, you can make it sound like a an electric guitar. And they're really cool. In fact, we were doing a road show Taylor Road Show and one of my guests that I just recorded with on my show in San Antonio, Jr. Robison, he's the Taylor rep for for Texas. And in the roadshow, they have a featured artist that travels and Wayne Johnson was the artist that basically goes to the roadshow and he's playing all these different tailors. Well, he's a Grammy winning guitar player, and he plays for a group called the Manhattan transfer. And he said, for years, I traveled all over the world with, you know, Elton John, and all these different groups playing with these people. And I was carrying 20 guitars, what a pain in the ass. When I went to the T five, the T five Z. He said I carry one guitar with me. That's what I do every show with one guitar with the Manhattan transfer and it's just, it's a game changer.


Sandee June  37:46

For my lead guitar player too. He has one too. We got him one, because he's on the keyboard during my shows. He's back on the electric guitar, sometimes. Harmonica Monica Yeah. So he's back and forth. So it's real nice polite. Yeah, I can



play. Oh, yeah. Jen, she learned to play the bass. And


Sandee June  38:05

yes, his wife. So my league is my lead guitar player. My band leader. Is Craig Phillips and his wife, Jennifer. He taught her to play bass in 28 days. No way. Yes. So when you see her on my videos, that girl learned to play bass in 28 days. She's amazing.


Randy Hulsey  38:25

Talk to me a little bit about the band. Tell me who the members are. And where did you find the folks that are?


Sandee June  38:31

So it's funny, my band leader. I was on Facebook and him and his wife had sent me a friend request. And I said, I accepted and they were like, in some of my videos when I was first posting, learning to play which, you know, they're probably embarrassing now. But I didn't care. You know, everybody comes from somewhere. So one day, they said, why don't you come over and, and, and play with us. I knew he played the guitar and sang but I didn't know that she did as well. She She picks a little bit with the guitar, but she's mainly sings harmony. She loves sing harmony. They both sing harmony for me. So I didn't know them at all my kids knew of them, his kids knew of them. So one day I tell Ed, here's the address where I'm going to be in case something happens. I'm going over to meet these people. And we just they will show me what you what you do and what you know. So I started playing my guitar and singing songs and they never did anything. And we just had a nice meeting and I left and so the next time I invited them over to the house. And I have a keyboard at home and he gets on that keyboard. And he's playing like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elton John. Oh my gosh, I was blown away. And then they start singing and I was just blown away and I'm like, Oh my gosh, I'm so embarrassed. Now. I go over to your house with my guitar like Look


Randy Hulsey  39:57

what I can do. And they were probably really nice or like Oh, that's great.


Sandee June  40:00

Yes. But they said they both said like, you know, Craig said, I just, I loved you. I loved you. You were you were awesome. I thought you were great. And it was love at first sight. Yeah. So we just got together and we started playing together and singing together. And then Jimmy, the steel guitar player. I met him when I first started going to open mics at francas and clear light on this road one, and he would sit in on anybody getting up there singing, he would just play along with his steel guitar, and he's just absolutely phenomenal. He's been playing I think for he said, 64 years, a long time. He knows it like no other. He's absolutely incredible. And my other lead guitar player, so the other lead guitar player I met him at, I was singing at a restaurant in town. Moraes, it's on the Bayou in Dickinson. That's how I met him. And then we just got together. And so I've to lead guitar players. He also plays acoustic, and then the drummer, Greg partiko. He's from Katy. And I met him through a really nice friend, Rick Robertson, who used to play bass for me. So they're, they're amazing. Well, hey,


Randy Hulsey  41:14

guys out there. I'm sure they'll listen to your interview. So yeah, that's interesting. You you started, you kind of cut your teeth in the open mics,


Sandee June  41:23

right? I did. And I, and I remember the first time so the restaurant owner is a girl that I graduated with. And I kept seeing on Facebook that she was having open mics, open mic night, every Tuesday night. And I said, I told him, I think I'm ready to go do this, I want to go do this. And I remember the first time I got up there, on that stool with my guitar, and there's lights shining at me, and then all the people sitting dining in the restaurant, I couldn't really see them, but I could see them, you know what I'm saying because of the


Randy Hulsey  41:55

light almost silhouetted



or the eat half of a brownie.


Sandee June  42:00

So anyway,



that was a totally different night.


Randy Hulsey  42:08

That was the next morning.


Sandee June  42:10

That was the total time. So but anyway, but I got up there. And I'm gonna tell you what, I was shaking like a leaf. I remember, I had my foot on this little stool ledge, you know. And that right leg would not stop bouncing and shaking. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, I'm so embarrassed. Are they thinking I'm just trying to, you know, bounce along with my music. But I did it. And I went back. And I just kept going back. And I gained competence doing that. So for sure. I think years ago, when I was younger, I guess it's all about timing. You know, it was God's divine intervention for me to do this. Because I just had no, I kind of had no fear. I mean, I was nervous that time getting up there. Of course, that was when he was shaken. But if I was younger, I think I probably would have been to him. I might not have done it at all, you know, I just had no fear. And I still don't know, I'm just like, Yeah, I'll do it. You know,


Randy Hulsey  43:06

there's a trivia question for that goes along with nerves. What what characteristic would you exert? If you're nervous, and you're playing a song, what what might you do in the song, in the song,


Sandee June  43:20

I'd probably start dancing. So most people would speed


Randy Hulsey  43:23

up through the song because they just want to hurry up and get done. Because they're, they're so nervous, like, so the rhythm would go would just get gradually faster throughout the whole song. The very common characteristic of somebody is nervous they


Sandee June  43:38

do. And I've seen that. But for me, I close my eyes, and I just dance I have to slow down in my head. And dancing just puts me in total connection with the song. And so that's what I do


Randy Hulsey  43:52

well, and you have to get inside the song and you have to get inside your head to and you say, I'm playing this song for myself. And that's, that's how you deliver the song. That's exactly


Sandee June  44:02

right. That's what I do. You can still dance holding guitar, you know, I just absolutely move my body.


Randy Hulsey  44:08

You can dance in your mind. That's right. So that's right. Sometimes, you know, and that's where you would want to see me dancing is not in real life. I just keep it is virtual, like you don't want to see that I



will join. Well, you can


Sandee June  44:22

dance with your head. You know, sometimes I close my eyes and I'm just moving my head, you know, whatever part of the body works. It's



a good thing. She thinks of me that way in her head.


Randy Hulsey  44:32

That's all that matters. You're a legend in her mind. And the interesting thing is, I've never played one open mic. I've never sat in on an open. I never sat in on an open mic. And I think my open mic was the Facebook Live things right? And it's different. But that's kind of how I think a lot of people will go to open mic to gain the confidence to play. I kind of did it through the internet. So good. That's which it's I think it's harder to play on a Facebook live if you've never done one because you're sitting there playing a song. And it's like, there's no reaction from anybody. You don't know whether you're doing good, you're sounding good. If you suck if you're, you're knocking it out of the park, you just don't know. And then and then at the end of the song, you know, you get a vibe from people, you vibe with people and it pumps you up. Well, you get none of that interaction back on alive. So I don't know if you've ever played one, but they're like own energy you do you do. So it's a lot different kind of one in the same, but it's a lot different. The open mics are great for that, though. I know a lot of people down at Clancys, where I play they have they just started an open mic about a year ago. They've discovered some great talent through the open mics, and some that have gone on to book shows at Clancys. You know, and be, you know, featured artists, like myself and a lot of my peers that play there on Friday and Saturday nights just from coming and doing the open mics, which is fantastic. I think it opens a lot of doors. It really


Sandee June  46:05

does. Something I've never done is karaoke. I've never done that.


Randy Hulsey  46:10

I've you and here's what I say about karaoke. I have this thing about karaoke. There are some wonderful. I always preface this by saying there are some wonderful karaoke singers far better than I'll ever be. But I don't discount the fact that there are some very talented people that go and sing karaoke. I just don't it doesn't move me in any kind of way. I'd rather sit home and watch reruns of Gilligan's Island.



world, you know, it's not going to help you. You know the do karaoke really, you


Randy Hulsey  46:41

know, I mean, it's but there's nothing wrong with care. I'm not saying anything wrong. But there's wrong by going out and doing karaoke is just for the people that probably are not going to go out and become a professional musician. That's their outlet. Ours is our outlet and then add, you know, he's not a musician. He has his own outlets, whatever those may be, right? We all have, you know what we like that's



this go outside on the porch and holler real loud. Well,


Randy Hulsey  47:07

you get to listen to her. So that's your outlet.


Sandee June  47:10

I know. And he's been a good steward of that. By the way, he'll he'll let me keep him up to one two o'clock in the morning in the bedroom playing my guitar. Yeah, I love



I love to see her when she's, you know, on her game on stage. You know, a bunch of people out there cheering her on. Yeah, you know, it's just, it's, it's not a better feeling in the world to help somebody to get to the promotional point of that, you know, what a good feeling that is, on my end, just sitting there, watching and making sure that everything's perfect. Everything's perfect for you on stage. That's what I wanted. Because I came from


Sandee June  47:47

nothing. Nothing, no musical background, no, nothing. You know, I never even did choir in school.


Randy Hulsey  47:53

So no, no musical background. And I was a choir guy, like I spent. I was in the choir from sixth grade all the way through 12th grade. And I think, you know, I learned a ton of theory over time, and I think that it was a great thing. You know, it's it's Yeah, I think a lot of people a lot of my guests have said that. I wished that I was either in the band or something musical in school, like I would have had that foundation that I just don't have. So definitely, you said the open mic was at a at a place in was it in a clear, clear, like


Sandee June  48:31

NASA red one. It was a restaurant called francas Italian restaurant, and francha herself and her sister Lena, I graduated from high school with them and they ran the restaurant. And so I went because I knew them. And I thought, well, I feel comfortable. But I walk in there for the first time. And I see a mutual friend, Randy Meadows. Randy Meadows is a he's a singer. He's an artist himself. I was kind of shocked. I said, Oh my gosh, what are you doing? Here? He goes, Why run the open mic on Tuesday night. I said really? So that really I knew him. And that kind of made me feel a little comfortable to he took care of me when I got up there on the stage and made sure I was comfortable and you know, sounded right and everything. So it just saw it was perfect timing and everything fell in place. And speaking of him that's That was my first single one of his songs. Yeah,


Randy Hulsey  49:24

yeah, I was reading about that. Well, that's good that you put yourself out there to do that. Because just think if you did, you know, you might still be sitting at home playing in the closet and you wouldn't have experienced all the all the things that you've experienced so far.


Sandee June  49:38

Well as a big pusher, he was like, it's like, no, we're going to the studio. He goes let's just record a song. Let's just record something. I think you can really sing you know, and I said, All right,



well, let's go on the quiet one back here.


Randy Hulsey  49:51

Yeah. Well, I have to explain to the the listeners at EDD is the fiance of Sandy. We've talked Ed's been popping in and on the conversation so for the listeners, I just wanted to make sure you guys understood who ad was here. And it's like, Who's the guy sitting over here talking to you here. So for those that don't know, Ed, it's nice that I've met Edie this evening. I was I was expecting your pedal steel player to walk through the door, and I had my show already in my mind so So Jimmy owes me one. So he threw he threw my game all off tonight. Hopefully this didn't go bad because it'll be a treat.



Instead, you got to add the talk and


Randy Hulsey  50:33

it's been great to have you though, I want to share a song with the listeners. The first song that I wanted to share was somewhere between hell and a honky tonk. Let's take a listen to that and then we'll come back and chat a little bit about the song All right.



This days at Gliese then there's days that I can never let you go then there's times out only to see five just face the cold cold weather it takes more than moleskin stay tried myself to get with this skin somewhere between somewhere between somewhere between between crazy


Randy Hulsey  52:22

I have to say that I've listened to that song. And the next one that we're going to listen to probably 3030 some odd times in the last few days. And there's multiple reasons why I one of them is for editing purposes, of course, but I've fallen in love with the songs. It's like they've just kind of like they've got a great hook and they they kind of pull you in. And sometimes I'm on the fence about music like it. You know, it's it's good. But I find myself coming back to the songs and I really like what you've done here. Thank you so much. You're well tell me what inspired this particular song.


Sandee June  53:02

Okay, so this song was written by a really good friend of mine, Randy meadows, and I added a few lines to it. But every time we would go somewhere and watch him sing. We would request the song he he plays it a little different than me. You know, he's the guy but I just love this song. It always always has a good feel the melody, the words are very true. I think we've all been somewhere between Helena Honky Tonk, or just you know, in limbo, so to speak in your life, maybe not knowing which direction you should go. And a lot of people relate to the song the words, and it's just always drawn me in. And so when I decided to take me to the studio to record a song, I chose this one. And this was my first single.


Randy Hulsey  53:52

So this was the first song that you ever recorded in a studio. That's


Sandee June  53:55

right. My very first song I ever recorded. It went 31 on the Texas country music chart.



Congratulations. On in Rosewood Yes. Rosewood


Sandee June  54:04

studio in Tyler, Texas. Greg Hunt passed away. But when I was coming back to recut some vocals on the song and listen to the final mix. He was headed out to a bike ride the next day, and he came in that day. And I had headphones on my ears. I was in there, you know? laying down some vocals and refection some stuff. 10 speed bicycles. Yeah, yeah, you're right. But um, he came in that to the studio room where I was. And he said, How did you like your song I mixed and i said i Absolutely. Incredibly loved it. It sounded so good. It was perfect. It was everything I wanted it to be. And he kissed me on the forehead and he said I'll be back tomorrow morning. Because I was cutting three more songs. And he said I'll be back tomorrow morning to listen and he went out for his ride first and I got to the studio at 11. And he had started real early that morning on a bike ride. But long story short, he had a massive heart attack on that bike ride and he didn't make it. But he is the one that he owned that studio and he mix that song and, and made it what it is, and I owe a lot to him.


Randy Hulsey  55:22

Well, it sounds wonderful. I really enjoyed listening to that. Other than the open mic with Randy Meadows. What's, what's his background, and where did you stumble across him at was it at the open mic? Or did you know,


Sandee June  55:35

I knew I met him prior to that. A friend of mine had a crawfish boil and he was the band there that she had hired. So that's how I got to meet Randy Meadows is called his band is Randy Meadows band. And so, a couple years in a row, you know, just seeing him out. And the friend that I was friends with, we would go watch him sing places. And actually the first time I got on stage with a band was his. And it was a little restaurant, little Mexican restaurant down on NAS road one and Clear Lake. And I got up and sang Coal Miner's Daughter.



That's where the brownie came in. Yeah.


Sandee June  56:19

Oh, goodness. Yeah. So anyway, there was a guy up there in the band. He had the old wash board. So it was the perfect song, you know? And it was it was funny. It was a little restaurant, you know, a few people in there. Sure. I was nervous again. But I did it, then. And then like months went by, and I hadn't seen Randy in probably six months. And that's whenever I got the courage to go to go to open mic. And he was there.


Randy Hulsey  56:47

Do you still get nervous before shows?


Sandee June  56:50

I do not. I don't feel great. I mean, I'm just like, I know my staff. I know my setlist and I just get up there and do my thing.


Randy Hulsey  56:58

I think my nerves when I first started out, I wasn't nervous for my ability. I was more nervous for what if something happens? Like what if my mic stops working? What if this don't work? Or what if the sound sucks, or what I'm thinking of all the technical things that are here, right? And, and what's scary about that, for me, is when you're a solo artist, you don't have the luxury of a sound guy to doubt. Now you and as you go. So if you start feeding back in the middle of a song, there is no Wizard of Oz behind the curtains to say, Oh, let me make that go away. You just, you either keep play in and people suffer through it, or you stop and say sorry, let me fix that. So that's what I was always nervous for. But I was I was interviewed some time back by the Tomball press. And they said, Do you get nervous before shows and I said, I don't care if I play for three people. And I played for 3000 people at festivals, it doesn't matter to me one way or another. In fact, I'm probably I would be more nervous sitting here playing for you two than I would for, you know, 150 to 400 people in a restaurant somewhere. Just, it's, it's a weird thing. Probably because it's so intimate. And it's so raw, and you can pick up on every little intricate, you know, detail or thing I do wrong or what. So that's probably


Sandee June  58:20

that would be my thing to the technical part of it. I know when I when I started playing with the full band, you know, we'd get if I get squeal or feedback from the monitors, you know, that really bothered me and mess with me. But about two or three months ago, I got in ear monitors, finally. And it has literally changed


Randy Hulsey  58:41

my game changers now where I'm to oh


Sandee June  58:44

my goodness, I love them. I love them. I can't hear them. I can hear the mix in my ear. But like, I can't, I can't I love it that I can just control. It sounds like I'm at home and I'm singing in my music rooms. Yeah.


Randy Hulsey  58:58

Well, I did it for further reasons that I'm getting old and I don't want to sling heavy monitors anymore. So I'd rather put earbuds in my ears and hear my guitar and my vocals versus carrying in a big slice that goes down in front of in front of me. Right? So. Yes, yeah.



We're Kevin Costner. He was he was down and we went down to Fort Worth and seeing him and he was messing with his in ear monitors early behind his he could not get them correct.


Sandee June  59:29

Or knew he sang. I just posted something on my Instagram. Because we went and saw him at La Bob Sunday. Yeah, I almost didn't go because I was feeling bad. You know, the cold does still exist.


Randy Hulsey  59:41

Yeah. Well, there's there's quite a few celebrities that are really great artists. In fact, I saw the bacon brothers and a green Hall. You know Kevin Bacon, the actor and his brother, fantastic musicians and the girl that opened for them. Cindy Alexander out of Big Sur California. She was She was just recently a guest on my show. That hasn't dropped yet but she plays she has a guitarist named Ali handle who's a big a big time guitarist in LA and plays with some all female band and they're really big to dues out there but Cindy's an amazing artists, but yeah, Kevin and his brother are phenomenal musicians never so you never, you never know. You know, we see them on the silver screen and think oh, that's all they do is act but there's some pretty talented guys out there.


Sandee June  1:00:33

Now. I was shocked. I said I gotta see this. I love Kevin Costner. So



yeah, I think they're down there finish in Yellowstone. Yeah, they're doing they're doing also okay. So


Sandee June  1:00:43

we're gonna go back this next weekend before that, because 38 specialist playing at Billy bops. I gotta see


Randy Hulsey  1:00:50

yeah, great band. 38 special. Loved him loved him in the 80s too. Oh, yeah. Hold on loosely. Or monoliths? All right. Yeah, the good old Southern rock. Again, beat it. Well, let's take a listen to another song here. That's called homemade remedy. We'll take a listen to that. And then we'll come back and chat about that one as well. All right.



The kind of girl to preach on others about their ways. I'll cut the wire and I'll put out a fire if something strikes a match my way. And with those shine on a cloudy day, how whiskey up in our tank and carry on my way. While never change. It's the cousins. We went to church on Sunday, drunk as a cough syrup on grandma's homemade remedy. It's late night gamblers with the drunks and the junkies back smoking something Duncan live and live just as happy as they can be.


Randy Hulsey  1:02:14

Another great song with a great hook.



How about that kind of crazy? How


Randy Hulsey  1:02:18

can something funky got on there?


Sandee June  1:02:21

I know I



get over listeners a little round.


Randy Hulsey  1:02:24

Yeah, exactly. Without the smoke, right? Tell the listeners a little bit about this song. Was this one that was co written? Or or did you write this one completely by yourself? I co


Sandee June  1:02:33

wrote this with Seth canden. And he's got a verse of his own that he thinks in a different way. Of course mine relate to my upbringing and childhood. And that's that's really true. I mean, we did you know, grandma made that homemade remedy. And I remember going to church with that cough syrup. I'd be so sleepy. So you and my grandmother, she tapped me in the small my back and say


Randy Hulsey  1:03:03

you don't know what was in the remedy, but it was a remedy. I think it was Paragon. Yeah, sure did.


Sandee June  1:03:08

Back in our days. You remember para gorrik? Do you remember that? Oh, man, it was wonderful for coughs and for babies that were teething. But it's also a very dangerous medication if you you know, overdose someone so they took it off the market, but it worked wonders.


Randy Hulsey  1:03:25

I've never heard that in my life. Like, it was good. I know. You and I are close to the same age. So I figured that I would probably know but I don't.


Sandee June  1:03:36

Yeah, it didn't have a taste of it. I don't know everything. It had a taste of whiskey



girl in manvel, Texas.


Randy Hulsey  1:03:46

But I never said I knew everything I just said I dated the only girl in manvel Texas. That's the only claim that I made here.


Sandee June  1:03:52

It's a song about you know, just the way you're brought up and being surrounded by your family and your cousins and no matter what might get you down in life, you know, you've got them to pick you back up. Absolutely. And then the people that you don't know, you know, don't judge you know, everybody's got their, their homemade remedy, I guess. Yeah, whatever it is that picks them up upside down in life.


Randy Hulsey  1:04:18

Absolutely. Now this song also made the Texas country top 25 Right. It did talk to us about that.


Sandee June  1:04:25

Well, you know, I never expected any of this. I'm just out there singing what I what I what I've wrote and and having fun doing what I'm doing. But it did. I went on a radio tour. And I think that really helped boost the song. Went to Oklahoma, Arkansas and places in Texas all over. And it just kind of went up on the charts and I wasn't expecting that but it did. I've really enjoyed the song.


Randy Hulsey  1:04:53

What's it like to see a song of yours on the charts for the first time?


Sandee June  1:04:58

It's crazy. Z like it's so and that's my real name. My real name is Sandy June it spelled with two E's though like, and then June like the month, but it's so crazy to see my name on a chart I does. It's surreal. And then even more surreal is you know, I've been driving down the road and I hear it on the radio keh keh keh the bull here in Houston, they play it so it's just crazy. It's in friends and family have videotaped it and sent it to me and like, oh my gosh, I cannot believe you're on the radio. Me neither.


Randy Hulsey  1:05:31

That's That's pretty amazing. I think that that's probably the highlight of an artist, you know, career when they either hear their song for the first time on the radio or, or their charting. Yeah, I mean, then you kind of you feel like okay, now this is all worrying. Oh, yeah, it's real. It's really


Sandee June  1:05:48

happening. Oh, my goodness.



Check the doors to make sure they were locked. I thought she was going to jump out of the truck with excitement. Wow. She was a static got to be there. Matter of fact, it brought tears to my eyes. Yeah, yeah, sure. That emotion.


Sandee June  1:06:04

tell you a funny part about that song though. So my five year old grandson when I was learning the song and you know, playing it every day at home before was before I went and recorded it. He learned the song he knows every word. So he had gone to school last year and said his teacher called his my daughter in law and said I don't know what James is seeing at school but he can't sing that's because you know the drunks and the junkies and you find back smoke is on the bunk. And I said oh my gosh. The next day I put t shirts and koozies and you know flyers and information in his backpack or his teacher and I'm


Randy Hulsey  1:06:44

trying to justify



that anybody could go the chair.


Randy Hulsey  1:06:49

That's right. That's exactly right. Where was this one recorded that you recorded the first one in Tyler but was this one recorded in the same place place?


Sandee June  1:06:56

Yeah, that's the only studio I've ever been to



and rosewood kind of want to add it's kind of like the Muscle Shoals of Texas. Okay, Muscle Shoals you know, courses in Alabam. Sure. And it's a great legendary studio. Yes, Linares Kinnaird and all of them record


Sandee June  1:07:14

wrote a song about after Greg after Greg Hunt passed away. He wrote a song to do with Greg Hunt and that studio, rosewood and I helped him with the song I did the melody and hopefully with some words, but it's pretty much all his song he wrote. And it's it's really good. It's not released yet, but we were hoping to. We're working with my radio promoter on possibly doing a documentary about rosewood and



in Greg Hunt.


Randy Hulsey  1:07:47

That will be go.



Yeah, go back to Lian, Ron, something that Steve Warner,


Sandee June  1:07:53

she walked into his studio when she was 13 years old. All of her stuff is on the wall. And oh, good. Yep, he recorded that song Blue. There.


Randy Hulsey  1:08:02

Oh, did he? Okay, eight hours cut. And look


Sandee June  1:08:05

at what it is. Yeah,


Randy Hulsey  1:08:06

there are some magical things that go on in a in a recording studio. I have so many stories of, of things that you know, have happened in recording studios, you know, like I was in Studio B in Nashville. And being in the same room where Elvis wrote all of his stuff. There's like, if Walls Could Talk in these places. There's magic in there. There. There really is. And there's so many amazing stories that that have, you know, come out of, of the recording studios. It's amazing. Are there any plans for a full length record?


Sandee June  1:08:41

Yes, I'm working on that right now. I got an EP I'm gonna put out first with all my originals in a little bonus song. That's a cover. But probably right after that. I'm gonna go ahead and release the album. I have an album that



she had. She has a song called music that muscle.


Sandee June  1:08:59

Yes. So I have an original song that I wrote. It's called Music fed my soul. And it's what inspired me since I was little, you know, the music that has inspired me all these years growing up, and that's going to be the name of the album. fed my soul so in it's a combination of my songs, my originals and some covers. Also fired me so I can't wait for that. I'm


Randy Hulsey  1:09:25

not gonna let the cat out of the bag on the covers that you're gonna do. Right.



There's some great covers. Yeah,


Randy Hulsey  1:09:32

I don't have to. I'm putting you on the spot now.


Sandee June  1:09:35

What which? What is one of them? I can tell.



Oh, well, you can tell any of them. You want to I mean, it's great stuff. You've got well, I


Sandee June  1:09:44

did do some I did some country covers. I did Honky Tonk girl. I did that as a cover. I did. Oh, I did a remake of. Yeah, did Folsom Prison. Really cool. I know. But what's the one I'm drawing a blank, Ringo Starr. Yeah, the Ringo Starr it don't come easy. Oh, yeah, I did a remake of that one. And I did change some words in it. They let me I had to write them and get all that, you know, get their approval on that. So it's really good. Great.



I look forward to that. Yeah. Or cytospins


Sandee June  1:10:17

Oh, yeah, it's some Janis Joplin on there.


Randy Hulsey  1:10:20

It made me think earlier when you said something about Muscle Shoals and the you know, when I talked earlier about my head's full of trivia, so there was a song back in the day and I'll ask you the trivia question to you spoke of Leonard Skinner there was a song and one of the lines in the song said Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers Yeah, you remember the law? Yeah. Sweet Home Alabama. Right? Do you know what the Swampers are


Sandee June  1:10:45

there the music there that studio musicians are ready for a fight? Yes



that we're in.


Sandee June  1:10:52

We watched the documentary good for


Randy Hulsey  1:10:53

you. Good for you. Not many, because forever. I knew not who the Swampers were. It's like, what in the hell is a swamper? Like I thought it was just like, you know, a swamp. Right.


Sandee June  1:11:03

I have that in.



I can't wait for the release. Rose. We


Sandee June  1:11:07

put that in the song Rosewood that,



did you? It's in there.


Randy Hulsey  1:11:11

I'm glad y'all know that. That's great. That's awesome.


Sandee June  1:11:13

I might let's give you a sneak peek at those with songs and send it to you.



And at Rosewood. We have their nickname The rosebuds


Sandee June  1:11:21

Yes, we name them. Give them a name since absolute socials,



the rosebuds or self that they pick that so the musicians are really great. Oh, yeah, it's in the song. So it was really just a great history behind that studio.


Randy Hulsey  1:11:38

Shifting gears a little bit. You have is it one of your kids that are fixing to get married? Or did you just got married


Sandee June  1:11:45

there? They're all married. But one. Okay. So my daughter is the oldest. She's 36. And she has five children? She just Yeah, I think he's five or six months old. Now. The youngest. The oldest is nine. She just whipped them out and she's not done. Wow. She wants one more. She's She's like me though. She's very driven and goal oriented and runs a tight ship. So



she knows how to do Oh, yeah. We


Sandee June  1:12:10

said when she started having babies, we said oh my goodness, we found something that gears really good. Shop, right. So she's the oldest and then I have James. James is 32. And he has three children, three boys. And you know, been married. And John is my middle son. And he's the one that just got engaged. Okay, I'm so excited and happy for him.


Randy Hulsey  1:12:36

That is awesome. Well, congratulations on that my my son Cameron that you met a few minutes ago. He's my baby. He's 22 and then Hannah's 25. And then my oldest son, Brandon is 28. And they're expecting their first baby, which is my first grandkids. So we're super excited about that. And then my, my daughter is engaged to get married next year in November. So we're planning you know? Yeah, for sure. So they say nothing's better than grandbabies. It's better than



true better than


Sandee June  1:13:10

your kids or your rainbow but your grandkids are your pot of gold. But my youngest son Jace, he's a financial advisor for Edward Jones and they've got one child He's a year old but they haven't the other one expecting that we'll be here in January. So yeah, it's it's never a dull moment. Yeah. House



regulations. Babies everywhere. Yeah. Between the two of us we have seven Yes. And


Sandee June  1:13:35

Ed's got three children. And and then he's got six grandchildren so amazing. They're all in between the ages of my children. So yeah, and


Randy Hulsey  1:13:45

that's amazing. Because you guys are only like 32 years old. That's right. Yeah.






we actually


Sandee June  1:13:51

that time capsule.


Randy Hulsey  1:13:53

Mr. Mr. Peabody is time going on?



I'm the only 21 year


Sandee June  1:14:00

I know. I know. It's true. We've been engaged since oh seven



maybe not 21 years but we've been together


Sandee June  1:14:07

long times. Yes. Yeah, we've


Randy Hulsey  1:14:09

put a ring on right now what they say but a ring on it. Yeah,



we got one she she did that she just went under so everything kept happening


Sandee June  1:14:18

like we were okay. We'll get married after all the kids graduate and then my mom passed away and then my dad like something was always happening you know? And it was like you know what, let's just don't mess it up. It works and it's it's great you know we feel I'm we're together because we choose to be not because we feel like we have to be about that.


Randy Hulsey  1:14:39

That's awesome. Oh, yeah. What do you guys listen to these days? Like what what? When you turn I don't know. I don't really listen to the radio. I have a Spotify of Spotify subscription. But what are you listening to? Are you listening to new stuff old stuff? Are you stuck in the past? Like I am so stuck


Sandee June  1:14:56

in the past? He gets mad at me. Because I when I Get my like, I'm this country. You know, I listen to country all the time and I've seen country, but I mean like I've seen covers, I see my classic rock too, but when I'm in my car, I'm got it on one Oh 7.5 Or I discovered that 95.7 They changed over now they're, you know, classic rock. So I'm, we get my vehicle. I've got that on and he's changing it over to country. And I sent over to



the bull. Yeah, Sybil


Sandee June  1:15:29

and I was into the boat.



I'm wanting to see who's on there. They're playing. Yeah. And it was on the charts.


Sandee June  1:15:36

Yeah, I guess because it's my time to listen to what I like and other people as well. So, you know, I just want to zone out and kind of escaping go back into that little place in my head and you know, times and memories. Oh,


Randy Hulsey  1:15:52

are you predominantly a country guy? Are you all rock guy too? Or?



I love both. Yes, sure. Yeah. But no,



your country to the mostly country.



I grew up around. Ernest Tubb. Yeah, the good old stuff. Oh, yeah. And walk in the floor


Randy Hulsey  1:16:08




Earnest Elvis Presley, man, I loved Elvis. You know, he's


Sandee June  1:16:17

definitely old country and he's loved all those guys.



I love old rock, you know? sunstudios Oh, yeah. I loved all that stuff. Sam Phillips and all those guys. You know, my song to fame. Oh my gosh, who else was there?


Randy Hulsey  1:16:32

I remember go into a deer lease in Centerville as a young boy and all the guys on this deer lease. You know, my dad and my uncle and all these guys. They were listening to old Ernest Tubb, Stonewall Jackson, sons of the pioneers. And it's like that, when I go and I find albums, I'm finding all that shit. And yeah, Johnny Horton, Battle of Bismarck. And it's like, I, Randy, how do you know this stuff? It's so like, who knows this? It's like, it's me. I know. That. stands the test of time.



comes from somewhere, you know? And I just love the history of music. Oh, yeah. The whole? Everything's


Sandee June  1:17:11

awesome. He's like you in that department? Yeah, I do too. But


Randy Hulsey  1:17:14

if I would, if I was going to ask you to name an artist to have on the show. Who do I need to talk to?


Sandee June  1:17:25

Like, in Texas country? Sure. Just either


Randy Hulsey  1:17:29

somebody local, or somebody that you've heard, and you're just like, oh, my gosh, they're amazing. You need like, I'd love to know more about them. I I like to ask that of the guests. Because this helps me to find not only maybe a new guest, but just listen to new music, right. So I didn't know if there was somebody in your mind that said, you know, you say, you got to talk to them. Like, I would love to know their story. Or maybe you already know their story. But


Sandee June  1:17:57

there's a couple there's a few people that come to mind. But I'm gonna say Jake, Jake Bush, Jeb Bush, because you know what, when I started, nobody knew who I was. And he believed in me, and he let me you know, open for him. And he's been along with several of my shows. And he's just been a really big supporter. And the first time I walked into Rosewood studio in the first song, I was scared, I'd never had headphones on my ears. And Drew Hall, the sound engineer. He said, Well, Jake's about finished up here. He was there, Jake Bush was there. He said, Why don't you just sit here in the sound room and kind of see how things go and what you're going to be doing in there. So I listened to Jake. And he was recording a song called gravity. And I looked at it I said, Oh my gosh, that song is so good. I love it. That's gonna be a number one. And I'll be darned if it wasn't really Yeah, it was an it was his person number one hit the call. And he's just a really good guy. Just good to the core and solid.


Randy Hulsey  1:19:08

And I have to admit, like, I wouldn't fabricate a story just to tell a story. I've heard of him. I know who he is. But I can't say that I know any of his stuff. So this this is great, because that'll force me to go listen, and and dial in with some new stuff. And maybe he'll be kind enough to be a guest on the show sometime. Right? And another



person that Sandy has seen with would be Bree back, you know? Yeah, just for a brief moment. Yeah, she She's really good. I don't know if you know of Ursa. I


Randy Hulsey  1:19:39

don't know much of her stuff. But of course, she's been around the scene for a long time now. Yeah, right. Sure. Absolutely. Then I had a guest on not too long ago. Who's a staple at the mucky duck. John Evans. Local local artists from down in your neck of the woods went to high school there at Dobby High School. Sagemont not too far where are you?


Sandee June  1:20:01

Yeah Bri Bagwell and Gary Kyle were playing at Jackie's Brook house one night we went and they let me get up on stage and sing a song awesome couple couple songs. I did. Yeah. They were real super sweet. Yeah.


Randy Hulsey  1:20:13

What's coming up for Sandy June and her band? Do you have any any shows coming up? That are like, whoo, I can't wait for that one. Like it's a big show or


Sandee June  1:20:25

are there are two I'll be playing at the Cedar Creek saloon. That's something that next month remember the eight to 10 Yeah, so he knows all the dates. Have it in my phone or calendar? Oh,


Randy Hulsey  1:20:35

yeah. You better know. All right. Oh, fire. That guy just married. That's right.



She was gonna be singing this weekend. But, you know,


Sandee June  1:20:46

kind of out. What's that? The one that's coming up the tcma tcma.



Oh, yeah, you're gonna be singing down in court. Corsicana. Okay. And that will be October the 29th. And it's going to be you and be April Smith. And


Sandee June  1:21:04

Darren Morris. Dara Morrison, April Smith and myself. And that Sandy June



in front of the place, though. What's it called?



That place down there is actually the Texas country music, which is Linda Wilson is her new venue down there and quirky. So


Sandee June  1:21:20

Linda Wilson, I think is she's the president. Yes. And it's her new place. So that's, I'm excited to go there. Awesome. It's an honor.


Randy Hulsey  1:21:28

And where can the listeners find you on social media?


Sandee June  1:21:33

Okay, so my name is spelt with two E's and it's Sandy and Sandy II and then June like the month Sandy June music on Facebook and say to June music on Instagram. My website is Sandy June


Randy Hulsey  1:21:47

Awesome. You guys make sure to check that out. Let's do some quick fire questions real quick. Summer or winter?


Sandee June  1:21:53

Definitely Summer TV or radio, radio.


Randy Hulsey  1:21:59

Perfect vacation, the mountains. Any particular ones?


Sandee June  1:22:04

I love that up in Gatlinburg. I love the those mountains the Smoky Mountains. Yes. Definitely Smoky Mountains.


Randy Hulsey  1:22:14

Stay in or go out.


Sandee June  1:22:17

I'm a homebody. I'm definitely a homebody with my popcorn.


Randy Hulsey  1:22:22

Good for you. Other than Texas. Where would you want to live?


Sandee June  1:22:26

It would be in the hill country somewhere by river in the hill country by the river. Are you just a little tiny home? I don't care.


Randy Hulsey  1:22:35

And we had that conversation. Good luck, Ed. Good luck, Ed.



I'm a little spot.


Randy Hulsey  1:22:43

Just just she just wants a little $20,000 home on a $7 million piece.



My hands bleed.


Randy Hulsey  1:22:53

Well, it looks like it just got put right back in your lap. Just three, just shoulders



on Kerry


Randy Hulsey  1:23:03

Sadler all the way to the new property



cannot be a one hit one note.


Randy Hulsey  1:23:10

Take three. Yeah, if it is going to be a one hit wonder it's got to be a really really good one.



There could be an Achy Breaky Heart.


Randy Hulsey  1:23:21

Or pina colada.


Sandee June  1:23:24

Yeah, those songs will never die. No.


Randy Hulsey  1:23:27

And you know those people are still making money off this. Rock or country?


Sandee June  1:23:33

Well, I'm not gonna lie. My soul is classic rock.


Randy Hulsey  1:23:37

Yep. Early Bird or night owl.


Sandee June  1:23:39

I'm an early bird now.


Randy Hulsey  1:23:41

I always tell my guests that you can plead the fifth on this because we never want to hurt the the venue's that book us but favorite place to play.


Sandee June  1:23:54

Wow. You know what? I'm probably going to same arrays and Dickinson. It's close to home. It's it's a nice, beautiful restaurant, but it just feels like home. Because we go there so much. So that's probably my favorite


Randy Hulsey  1:24:09

place. Now. Are they known for live music? Yeah. On the


Sandee June  1:24:13

weekends, Friday and Saturday nights. Yeah. Saturday nights a full band. Friday nights is usually just an acoustic show.



Well, she loved it so much. I put up three big tents. Yes. Then they built a pavilion.



They finally built a really good yes.


Randy Hulsey  1:24:29

I have to look them up. I haven't heard of the place down there. But there's a lot of places that I haven't heard of right. Yes. Favorite song to play live? either yours or cover right? It doesn't necessarily have to be one or the other.


Sandee June  1:24:43

Probably Mercedes Benz Janis Joplin's Mercedes Benz I usually that or Can't you see Marshall Tucker band? I finished I that's usually my last song of every set. Yeah, Marshall. Tucker. Can't you see Yeah, I just, I just can get into that song and I get lost.


Randy Hulsey  1:25:00

Yeah, I love them. Yeah. Favorite country artist female.


Sandee June  1:25:06

Jennifer Nettles from sugar lane. Okay. I love her voice.


Randy Hulsey  1:25:10

Favorite country artists male,


Sandee June  1:25:14

Keith Urban. What a talented, talented. You know what? And I remember when he first started out, I was just like, you know, until we went to see him at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. You know, we went to see him and, man, he's so talented.


Randy Hulsey  1:25:32

He's he's one of those guys that was blessed with a voice. A phenomenal guitar player. Yes. A good looking guy. You know, I'm not funny like that. But I mean, let's get props where you get shocks, right? I mean,



I did come home with


Randy Hulsey  1:25:52

so I mean, how can you go wrong there. I mean, the guy is a great looking guy and mega talented and I can't say that if you said Randy named three Keith Urban songs, I'm sure I've heard a lot of them I couldn't name them but there's no doubt he's he's one of the top out there in Nashville. There's there's no


Sandee June  1:26:09

guitar playing. It's just amazing. Oh, it's second to none, you know, lay on the floor and play


Randy Hulsey  1:26:14

guys. You know, there's there's guys that that pick up the guitar. There's guys that hold the guitar that might strum a chord during the song. But there are a few people, country artists that come up that that set the bar really, really high. And you know, you've got Brad Paisley you've got that's another Keith Urban. You've got Glen Campbell, you've got Jerry Reed, these guys are on another planet with their picking like their, their virtuoso level, right. They're not your typical, you know, Randy Hulsey kind of player by these guys are, these guys are primo players,


Sandee June  1:26:53

for sure play like that and sing and you know, to be their own lead. And it's just incredible.


Randy Hulsey  1:26:59

You know, I was watching the documentary on Glen Campbell, you know, when he he got into Alzheimer's, and he was touring with a lot of his family members. They were musicians in his band. And it got so bad that he had to have teleprompters. He was forgetting song lyrics and singing different, you know, words to different songs. And they said there's one thing even in the later stages of Alzheimer's, when he was on stage, one thing he never did, he never missed a note on that guitar. Ever.


Sandee June  1:27:35

Wow. You know what, that's true. There's a there was a thing going around on Facebook for several years. And it's it's an older lady, and she's got Alzheimer's and her son walks in with a guitar. And he hands it to her. And he starts singing Amazing Grace and she starts playing it. It's like, that's something that memory doesn't ever go away.


Randy Hulsey  1:27:58

For some You're right. And I've heard that because I've thought about playing memory care centers and Alzheimer's types of places. And, and I for a while I was talking myself, I was like, you know, I don't I really don't know. But they say that I did that is very important for people that are Alzheimer's or have some kind of mental thing going on. Because that's therapy to them somehow, right? And I don't and I'm not I sound like I'm educated on it. But I'm really not educated on it, but I write it is and I've played some senior living places. And there's there was there's been no show for me. That has been more gratifying than to see 30 elderly people sit out there and you play an Elvis song. And you see every one of them have tears coming out of their eyes and you can't sing because your throat has a knock the size of an apple and it because you've touched these people, you've taken them to a place in time. Absolutely. That has it's the most I mean any keep the money right? That's right, any amount of money. You can't put money on that as a monetary value on



time. It's easy.


Sandee June  1:29:09

I when I first started going with my friend she played this was years and years ago, but she before us learn the guitar. She was playing the guitar and singing and we would go to the senior living places and different ones and sang for like an hour. And I didn't play so she she knew these people because her dad was in one of the homes and she was saying to go dance with Bob. So I was always having to dance with them. And I said I'm gonna learn to play the guitar. That's one of the things you know, that inspired me as well because you can skate you could start dancing too. But we always started out with You Are My Sunshine. And one by one they just start to gather in and they're all some are sitting some are standing and I remember this one lady. She had a bad neck and it just stayed to the right leg. that. And she really was honestly looking down all the time. Her neck was all the way over. But she, when we started playing, she would sit there and start bobbing her head or just moving it. Like the music she was trying to come alive is, you know, she was, you know, crippled, so to speak, but it just waking amazing. It awakens the soul really gives them no, no brings that life back to.


Randy Hulsey  1:30:28

And I think that, you know, so many people forget about the elderly and I and I would challenge any of the musician peers that you and I have that are listening to the show, don't get so caught up in the money part of the business, right? Get out and play an hour at one of these places. Take the time, don't take money, go out and play and touch somebody's heart. Because while there's a lot of people that do what you and I do Sandy, there's not many people that can do what we do we have a talent that a lot of people don't have, and wish they had. So we have to share that talent with people. That's you know, that, that need that they need that therapy, you know, even if it's a little bit of therapy, that's more than goes like probably have family members that don't ever even come to see them. Yeah, sure. Yeah. And I hate to get off on them. Kind of a morbid conversation. But But I mean, you know what I'm saying? It is as you bring


Sandee June  1:31:25

life to



that music fed my soul is


Sandee June  1:31:28

Yeah, so that's, yeah. And just, you know,



it's not about the money. It's about them, right? Absolutely. It's


Sandee June  1:31:34

so great to see them though. Come to Life. Yep. Love


Randy Hulsey  1:31:38

it. Last quickfire question for you. greatest song of all time. Through your eyes.


Sandee June  1:31:44

Simple man, Leonard Skinner. Wow, I


Randy Hulsey  1:31:46

would have never guessed that about for you. Can you think of one?



Oh my goodness, I could walk across Texas with you. But


Sandee June  1:32:00

I dedicated that song to my, my boys. You know, my kids. Really? I know. It's more sounds like you're talking to a young man. But I also relate to that song because I feel like that was the advice from my parents growing up. And I've always related to that brings me back to how I was raised. And the things that I was told, growing up. Don't get so focused on things in life and you know, just know who you are. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. That was my advice for my parents. So that songs always been very dear to me. And I there's a on my Instagram. There's a video on there of me playing that song.


Randy Hulsey  1:32:41

I have to check them. And only


Sandee June  1:32:44

there was a sewing room.


Randy Hulsey  1:32:46

There was a there was a remake of that song years back by a band called Shinedown. Oh, I think they're out of like Jacksonville or out Florida. And it was an amazing rendition of that song. While I love the Leonard Skinner version. I really liked the Shinedown merge.


Sandee June  1:33:02

Definitely. Yeah, seeing their version two. I don't know if it's their video, but I remember seeing they're in like a silo and they're singing that song that in the reverb in that silo is just incredible.



Oh, yeah, you did a song called Soul shine as well.


Sandee June  1:33:18

Oh, yes. I did a remake of almond. The Allman Brothers. Yeah. Gary almonds, Soulshine. It's on Spotify. Wherever you wherever you listen to music. Sure. You'll have to listen to that one.


Randy Hulsey  1:33:29

I'll do that. Well, I want to thank you so much for joining me. Edie. Thank you for coming along. You are you are different than who I thought was coming along. But it was really nice to get to chat with you as well and meet you for sure. Sure. Don't



play the steel guitar is good.


Randy Hulsey  1:33:46

But you're the booking man extraordinaire, though.



Definitely add the talking horse. And, Randy, thank



you for having it's been


Randy Hulsey  1:33:54

my pleasure and honor to be Yeah, thank you guys for coming out. And I want to ask the listeners to like, share and subscribe to the podcast. And also don't forget to follow Sandy on all of her social media outlets. Also, if you guys see Sandy play in your hometown, make sure you let her know that backstage pass sent Yeah. And as always, you can find the show on Facebook at backstage pass radio podcast on Instagram at backstage pass radio, on Twitter at backstage pass PC and on the website at backstage pass. You guys stay healthy and take care of one another. And we'll see you right back here on the next episode of backstage pass radio.


Adam Gordon  1:34:35

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