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S2: E7: Brooke Alyson (Nightbird: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks) Outside The Rain With Crystal Vision

March 02, 2022 Backstage Pass Radio Season 2 Episode 7
Backstage Pass Radio
S2: E7: Brooke Alyson (Nightbird: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks) Outside The Rain With Crystal Vision


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Wed, 2/23 10:29AM • 1:21:01


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Randy Hulsey, Brooke Alyson, Adam Gordon


Randy Hulsey  00:00

Hey everyone, Randy Hulsey here and we are back in the crystal vision studio this evening. My guest is a talented singer and a successful tribute band here in the greater Houston, Texas area. The band is called nightbird. And they are a tribute to Stevie Nicks and the amazing Fleetwood Mac, she pays homage to Stevie Nicks in the band, and we're going to chat with Miss Brooke Allison, when we come back.


Adam Gordon  00:23

This is backstage pass radio, the podcast that's designed for the music junkie with a thirst for musical knowledge. Hi, this is Adam Gordon. And I want to thank you all for joining us today. Make sure you like, subscribe and turn alerts on for this and all upcoming podcasts. And now here's your host of backstage pass radio, Randy Halsey.


Randy Hulsey  00:52

Brooke, good evening. It's good to see you.


Brooke Alyson  00:54

Hi. Thank you for inviting me.


Randy Hulsey  00:56

My pleasure. And unfortunately, I know that was a heck of a drive to get out here from where you are coming from. Right. How long did it take you to to get out to Cyprus this evening?


Brooke Alyson  01:06

About an hour is a bad time. It's Houston, we're gonna say


Randy Hulsey  01:10

we're in Houston. And I don't think you can go anywhere that doesn't take at least 30 minutes to get there. Well, I'm excited to have you here. And I have seen you guys play one time I enjoyed the show. And I think more recently, you might have played at was at the barn that you guys were at out here in the Cypress area. And I think I was actually playing that night and didn't get a chance to make it out. But I definitely will do that. Was it the barn Am I Am I right?


Brooke Alyson  01:40

And I actually dedicated Silver Springs even though you weren't in the audience and I promoted backstage pass, right?


Randy Hulsey  01:46

Oh, thank you so much. Well, I'm sorry, I didn't make it. I was doing the same thing somewhere that you were doing, I'm sure singing in a microphone. So what part of town are you living in right now?


Brooke Alyson  01:58

I'd say the South Side south side. Okay. House. It's her Friendswood parallel. Okay.


Randy Hulsey  02:04

Downtown Galveston way going towards Galveston. Yeah. I and I grew up kind of in that area, the clear declare, like area. So I'm familiar. pretty familiar with the area for sure. Don't get down there as much as I like to I play to Jackie's brick house this past weekend this past Saturday. And my, my lead guitarist Chris Hughes and I were there from from two to six. That's always fun, because I get to see a lot of people that I grew up with down south out here. It's kind of the people that I've come to know over the later years. But all those people on that side of town are the ones the high school friends and the college friends kind of thing. That's actually


Brooke Alyson  02:44

our next gig actually. Oh, is it? Oh, yeah. November 5, Saturday,


Randy Hulsey  02:49

and you remember the day? Wow.


Brooke Alyson  02:52

It's a Texas flood. There is Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute out of Dallas Fort Worth.


Randy Hulsey  02:59

I saw those guys. My son Brandon is a phenomenal guitar player. And he's a huge Stevie Ray Vaughn fan, and he's like, Dad, we saw this band Texas flood out at Bernhard winery, some time back, and I think they were out at the wildcatter and he's like, you gotta go, you gotta go. And, you know, I respect Stevie Ray Vaughn. I'm a guitarist. I was never much of a blues guy, per se. But I'm like, Okay, I'm not playing tonight. Let me just go. That guy is Unbeliev I mean, the band. I mean, I shouldn't just exclude the band too. But I mean, all of them. I mean, he sounded he sang like Stevie Ray Vaughn. He played he had the chops down. He was awesome. I mean, the whole group was awesome. I enjoyed


Brooke Alyson  03:42

not only that is Tommy is actually a really nice person to really play from Hungary.


Randy Hulsey  03:47

Is he really? Yes. And so not to stereotype. But is I mean, is the English perfectly like, as you and I speak it or is or does when he's in his speaking voice? Can you hear that dialect? A little bit


Brooke Alyson  04:02

here? That little accent? Okay, that but he can actually sound like Stevie Ray when he talks to? Wow, it's kind of magical.


Randy Hulsey  04:11

I don't know how they do it. Well, you know, no, I guess Yeah. Well, you know, you know, Iggy and Todd from the band oz. I had them here. In fact, he was sitting right where you're sitting right now. And it's spooky when when he goes into that Ozzy voice, it's like, if you just close your eyes, you're like, holy shit. He's in the room right now. It's like really? It's kind of haunting and cool at the same time. I've


Brooke Alyson  04:33

known those guys a long time have you guys with Todd and ag wonderful people?


Randy Hulsey  04:39

They are I mean, I It's when they got here. You know, you never know. From a guest perspective. It's two people a lot of times that have never met right? And you never know. How is the conversation going to go are you gonna you know, is it going to be fun? Is it going to be weird you know, kind of thing but these two guys He came in and sat down and it's like we had known each other all of our lives. Like we didn't miss a beat. We were like, the jokes were flying left and right, we're, you know, so anyway, not to go down an AWS rabbit hole. But you're right, Todd, Todd and Nikki were wonderful guests. For sure. I enjoyed that one. I mean, they're both really talented. Yes, they are. So share with the listeners. Maybe a little bit about where you grew up. Are you a native Texan? Did you grow up here? Talk to us about that


Brooke Alyson  05:30

laminated Texan for sure. And definitely a Texas girl. I actually was born in Pasadena, Texas, Pasadena. get done. Talk about Jonathan saw. Another good guy. Yeah. I like to talk about everybody else.


Randy Hulsey  05:48

Those are great guys. So right where you said to as well. I think John was even like, he was probably here for like, it was Mother's Day, this past year. And he was literally here half the day. Oh, I enjoyed I mean, I enjoyed every minute with him. And he and my cousin were really good friends growing up. And John and I had never met I'm sure he probably heard my name along the way. But another guy that I mean, just half the day went by and we sat here like we had known each other all of our lives. That was really cool. Really cool. Yeah. So Pasadena. So what high school did you go to? I was actually homeschool. Oh, are you?


Brooke Alyson  06:22

Okay? I was I graduated as a homeschooler. I went to Parkwood Elementary in third grade. Okay. And then after that, I was just homeschooled. My mother is a great teacher. I come from a long line of teachers. Do you hold her? Okay. Yeah.


Randy Hulsey  06:39

And what what high school? Would you have been zoned to? Had you gone to mainstream school?


Brooke Alyson  06:45

Well, that's a good question.


Randy Hulsey  06:47

Could it have been tested?


Brooke Alyson  06:48

No, we actually moved to we went move to Willis. Conroe. Okay. Yeah. Montgomery county. So it might be Conroe High School. No, I moved again. It was actually around this area. 1960 I will always call it FM 1960. You know, they call it Cypress Creek, whatever. Oh, I


Randy Hulsey  07:08

don't know. What is that? 1960 as well.


Brooke Alyson  07:11

Oh, I don't know. All team. I'm trying to remember. I'm not gonna tell my age, but I would have graduated 98


Randy Hulsey  07:19

So Oh, god, you're you're wet behind the ears. Jesus Christ, yo, baby. Well, I know my bones start to Creek when I wake up in the morning. That always reminds me of how old I am. I went to South Houston High School. That's where I graduated from which is in the Pasadena school district. So that's why I was asking like, which one would you


Brooke Alyson  07:40

stay there? Probably. I don't


Randy Hulsey  07:41

know. Probably Pasadena. I would guess. Care Park.


Brooke Alyson  07:45

Maybe my my mother graduated Deer Park.


Randy Hulsey  07:48

So as far as the family goes, did you come from a musical family growing up? What was the the talk about a little bit about the family and what influences they had on music? Okay.


Brooke Alyson  08:00

Yeah, my parents actually were a duo and around 1978 Some like that. 1970s and really talented. They played all over Houston. You know, all the, like sticking out? Oh, yeah. Really? Gallagher's I think a place called Jason's you might I don't know if you'd remember that. But. And everywhere.


Randy Hulsey  08:25

That's interesting.


Brooke Alyson  08:26

Yeah. And that's what they did. And from that, I've basically was born on stage, my guess you'd say, you know, I was on stage before I was born. And my parents would play things like dreams. You know, Fleetwood Mac's dreams. And


Randy Hulsey  08:45

so it was it was instilled in you real early.


Brooke Alyson  08:48

I don't even know where I knew the song. I just came out singing it probably has. Yeah, I mean, I've always known new songs. Interesting. Yeah. And we might get to it later. But you know, Jason Phillips, who was in my, our band nightbird. He's the drummer and he's my brother. So it's kind of a family thing. Yeah,


Randy Hulsey  09:10

I did not know that. So that's why I love backstage pass radio. Because that's what I like to find out the bands that I love the music that I love. I like to know, you know, I talked about being, you know, the whole musical savant thing earlier, like the trivia thing. I love I love that part of the music just as much as I love the music. So, to hear the stories behind, you know, the songs and that kind of thing. It's yeah, it's, it's very intriguing to me. So yeah, we'll talk a little bit about that. Do you personally know Stacy Steele? The drummer for Diamond Jack? Um, Mr. Wonderful.


Brooke Alyson  09:46

I know him. I've talked to him. I don't believe Unfortunately, I've met him in person.


Randy Hulsey  09:51

So the only reason why I asked that wasn't a trick question. But his, you know, I interviewed him for the show and his Parents also did the same thing as your parents and they played steak and ale and they play all of these things. So they know they I bet you they do because you know, I as a kid, I can remember my parents taken us to steak and ale and I remember certain groups play in there that I mean, I was only I don't know how I don't I can't correlate how old I was versus what year it was. You know, I told you I sucked at dates but, but I bet you if you have off, you know, off the record conversation with Stacey, I bet you, John and Carol probably know, your your family if they're local Houstonians here and played in that scenario possible. Yeah, a possible small world for sure. So you stole my thunder a little bit. And that's okay. No apologies. No apologies. But I was gonna ask you about siblings that were did you have siblings one? And were they musical as well?


Brooke Alyson  10:52

Yes, Jason. He's actually he's really, really musical. He actually has his own original music as well. He's drum since he was about five years old. And he's been drumming in nightbird. For Gosh, I've forgotten on probably almost the beginning. So yeah, but we've actually, when we were actually teenagers, we used to know he was a little younger. I actually was about 12. We're talking about numbers now. So anyway, we had this little kid do and we'd go around youth groups and churches, and we'd if we played a tracks, you know, sure. And my parents would kind of set up the sound system, and we do these youth group things. And the kids seemed like they liked it. And so we did some, like, some Christian music stuff. Yeah. And we we did that for a while. And, and then Jason, we won't get into it. He dropped the mic. And then he got scared. And he walked off and he never did it again. Oh, no. Can he


Randy Hulsey  12:06

taught a secret, right? Do you know off the top of your head where we might could find his original music? I mean, what the name that he is under awesome. Josiah


Brooke Alyson  12:17

Phillips. He's on Facebook. And I think if I remember correctly, it is Jason Josiah Or it's Jason Okay. And yeah, he has all his music. He's pretty prolific. I'd say Well, it's a wonderful, I mean, okay, I'm his sister.


Randy Hulsey  12:36

Right? All right. Good to know, you guys. Make sure you you check out his stuff there. So you knew it sounds like you knew probably because you made the comment earlier that you were literally born on stage, but I was one of the questions that I wanted to ask you was, did you know at a young age that you would be musical?


Brooke Alyson  12:56

That's all I think I ever knew. I wanted to do Yeah, yeah, I think I just I didn't know anything else. Really. I just always saying I've, you know, and I was pretty good at remembering lyrics. And how we were talking you were talking about that earlier. I just really, really young I could remember lyrics just it's getting a little harder now that I'm getting old. But yeah, it's just everything was music. Yeah, really. And you know, I know that my mom had the Bella Donna album from Steven. Yes. And I was about two years old for


Randy Hulsey  13:37

something like somebody's gonna fact check you oh my


Brooke Alyson  13:41

three and a half, three and a half and I'd sit there and I'd look at this lady you know, I'm dressed all in the flowy white and I'd say oh, is this oh is this I want to know who this is? You know and of course I was listening to music but I you know, and just it was just surrounded you know i


Randy Hulsey  14:00

It's magical Yeah,


Brooke Alyson  14:01

I mean, I just was surrounded by it. What


Randy Hulsey  14:04

What kind of stuff were they were they play in like when they do you remember you said something about dreams earlier but were they were they mostly classic rock were they like Did they cross all kinds of genres like no solo and do Oh x do


Brooke Alyson  14:21

mostly classic rock there was I think I've actually seen a setlist they had they still have it. Oh, no kidding. Yeah. And that was fun. It was it's a lot of the stuff I mean, to this day, I love myself. I'm kind of definitely a child of classic rock I'd say sure. I haven't haven't really changed I mean, of course I like to alternative rock and a bunch of other country Okay, so but


Randy Hulsey  14:50

so your taste is diverse.


Brooke Alyson  14:52

I'm trying to remember on the setlist now you got me, America. Nice and Trying to remember I know this. There's a Elton John song they did. Did that that was really pretty. Simon Garfunkel? Yeah. The boxer. Yeah. I know. I can hear my parents go. Come on. Paul McCartney, right.


Randy Hulsey  15:16

No, let them down, bro. Don't let them that.


Brooke Alyson  15:20

Silly love songs. Great, great man. Yeah, I mean, just all the greats, I'd say. Yeah. Really?


Randy Hulsey  15:27

Good. Yeah. And you remember as a teenager, what you were listening to like, what was really influencing you, in your, say, your high school years? Was it still along the classic rock vein or, or had you gone down another path? And I went down


Brooke Alyson  15:42

a little different, you know, I mean, I didn't stray too long. I mean, I listened to a lot of well, what's funny is, a lot of people think my favorite band is Fleetwood Mac. Yes, it is, you know, it is definitely up there. But I absolutely love you too. That's like my favorite band. I love that. So I was listening to a lot of that. Some alternative Stone Temple Pilots, you know, Nirvana and all that. And then I've also listened to the pretty stuff. Yeah. You know, and I, you know, like Celine Dion. She's not very popular these days. But Mariah Carey,


Randy Hulsey  16:24

she's still Celine Dion.


Brooke Alyson  16:25

She has that voice. I mean,


Randy Hulsey  16:27

there's no denying a little bit.


Brooke Alyson  16:29

I shouldn't say this, but she's a little bit more nasal. But she's has some gorgeous songs and bright carry and in in the country, which is the Judds, Wynonna? You know, Reba? Yeah. And all the Dolly Parton.


Randy Hulsey  16:50

So all the good stuff. Yeah, I


Brooke Alyson  16:51

grew up with classic country as well. So okay. Did you?


Randy Hulsey  16:55

You mentioned that your brother was a percussionist? Did you ever take up a musical instrument growing up? Or did you do it and it didn't stick? Or do you still play? And we don't know, like, talk to me a little bit about that?


Brooke Alyson  17:11

No, um, I wanted to play guitar. I was, I wish I could not stray too far. But I have muscle atrophy disorder. Actually, my brother has it as well. And it's called Charcot Marie Tooth disease. And so it was a little difficult for me to do that. And, you know, I probably would have if I didn't have it, honestly, more probably the piano in the long run, I think. Yeah. Myself. But yeah, so I just decided, I'm just going to say, Yeah, I can play the tampering.


Randy Hulsey  17:48

Yeah. We have to do a little bit of a steamy thing, right. Yeah. Well, does that does that not hamper his playing at all that that disease does it? Does it affect him? Like?


Brooke Alyson  18:00

That's a big question, cuz I know it. He, it. We're in pain a lot. Okay. I don't want to be too. Yeah. But he astounds me that he can actually play with all fours really, you know, doing that for two or three hours, you know, and he's really good at it. I mean,


Randy Hulsey  18:22

and I don't and I certainly don't ask to be personal or pry, I asked more, because the drums are demanding. It's not like a guitar or a piano. I mean, we, I was interviewing a gentleman by the name of guy gal. So who was the drummer for zebra. And he, you know, he was talking about the guys in the band, Felix and Randy, and like, you know, those guys are great musicians, but they, you know, they kind of do their thing and they don't move much. You know, they have dexterity in their fingers. But the drums are just, you know, it's like, bam, bam, bam. And it's a physical thing for two and a half, three hours. That's what sparked my question about your brother. You know,


Brooke Alyson  19:02

I, at the end of each night, we play him. How do you do it? How are you doing? It's


Randy Hulsey  19:06

impressive. Well, it's also awesome that he doesn't let that be debilitating to him where he just throws up his hands and say, Oh, I can't do this. I can't do that kind of


Brooke Alyson  19:18

I don't want to speak for him, really. But I think it's like, knowing him because we like to. We like to say that we're fraternal twins will trick some people. You know, all in play? Because we grew up, you know, he's basically my best friend. So. So yeah, I think it's in his heart. You know, it keeps him going. It's something that he has to get it out.


Randy Hulsey  19:42

Yes. You know, that makes perfect sense. Yeah. Before nightbird Were there other bands that you played in? Or was nightbird kind of the first stab at bands that you ever took?


Brooke Alyson  19:56

For me personally? Yeah. For my own band. having my own band. Yes, it was. It kind of all started because I actually went to New York City. And this thing called night of 1000. Stevie's at the highline ballroom I think they do it in various venues, actually. But when I went, it was a highline ballroom. I'm trying to remember I think it was like 2006 or seven, something like that. And


Randy Hulsey  20:23

I won't hold you to it. We already covered that. And


Brooke Alyson  20:27

I performed a song, and something everybody dresses up. And it's sort of like a big Stevie party. Okay, like, and it's men, women, it doesn't matter, everybody dressed up. And we sort of just celebrate the whole Steve Enos and the whole Stevie way. So I dressed up in my little black chiffon and everything, and I sang the song sourcer. And I came home, you know, my mom and I went, and I had a wonderful time we went, you know, to the New York flea markets and all that, and I just, everybody should possibly, if they can handle it, experience New York City. One time at least I love it. I mean, it's just the smell dampening. Yeah. And so I came home. And I thought I've been hearing about the tribute bands at that time. And I just thought, wow, you know, I'm, why don't I start a tribute band? You know, what, why don't I start a tribute? And because all my life, everybody are kind of saying, Well, you know, you slip in sound like stevia bed. And I mean, I guess, you know, and then, so I put it together. And actually, it just kind of, it just kind of came together everything so like magically Wow, that word? Yeah.


Randy Hulsey  21:54

Was there something that made you wake up one day and say, I'm gonna portray Stevie Nicks in a tribute band was at the trip to New York. Was that something before that? Was there something else?


Brooke Alyson  22:08

I don't know. I think it was the trip to New York for sure. That definitely triggered it. Okay. You'd say, you know, in. It just all came together. Yeah. You know, and then I actually met. There's another thing that kind of magically happened. I met Stevie in Fleetwood, Mac's wardrobe. Manager. Okay. Yeah. And that was, that was a wonderful thing that came together. And she helped me create her own, you know, from some of her own measurements and everything, you know, and so I have these outfits that actually are really based only on Stevie. Yeah. And so I feel like you know, that helps.


Randy Hulsey  23:00

Well, her her ensemble, I don't know if that's the right word on my guy, right. Like at all I don't talk much about women's apparel, but her ensembles like what you were on stage. Is this. Oh, sorry. No, no, go ahead.


Brooke Alyson  23:17

Alicia didn't call it costumes


Randy Hulsey  23:19

costume. Yeah, no, it's not Halloween, right.


Brooke Alyson  23:22

I don't like that. I mean, I wouldn't hold it against.


Randy Hulsey  23:26

It's like he's a he's a guy. He doesn't know. You like that word though. Ensemble like Yeah, well, I guess some of the guys out there will take my man card away from you because I use such a word. But anyway, I forgot what I was even talking to you about? We were We were joking about that. Oh, I was gonna ask you if the what you were on stage? Is this something that you can just run down to somewhere? And buy or does this stuff have to be custom made? Because we're not talking about blue jeans and T shirts here? Like Like I wear when I play or maybe maybe a pearl button shirt with boots right? I mean, that's easy. You can go to any street corner and find that kind of garb right but tell me a little bit about what you wear and where do you get this extravagant? Ensemble, not a costume but ensemble.


Brooke Alyson  24:21

Jill helps me very much. Yeah, she has and no you can't I think you can't just go out and buy it anywhere you have to curate it. Is that the word? You have to like, pick and choose and? And yeah, another place that I like to get mine. Clothing is from junk gypsy company. That's another one out of roundtop they're going into their Texas antiques week this. Okay, Nick, is it this week? I think it's this week.


Randy Hulsey  24:55

And that's like it's like a online shopping thing. You can go or you can go


Brooke Alyson  25:01

in person as well. And their I love their shop. It's it's really great. I mean, it's it's beautiful every time you go it's just a little adventure. Yeah. And the sisters Amy and Jolie. They're wonderful people okay. And they actually have a place called wonder in that you can actually stay there and it's an experience like,


Randy Hulsey  25:26

is it like a bed and breakfast?


Brooke Alyson  25:29

Yeah, and you'll get breakfast. Breakfast, you get biscuits and what's breakfast for me give biscuits every morning. Okay, sure, there it is. It's special. It's not just any biscuits. You'll get really


Randy Hulsey  25:45

they're not like the canned biscuits. You know what the homemade.


Brooke Alyson  25:50

They're their daddy's gypsy daddy. So and they actually have a nightbird Gypsey t shirt with me on the front. Yours truly awesome. And that's cool. So just go in there and ask for it.


Randy Hulsey  26:05

I was gonna add something in my mind just kind of went to this the spot for summary, we were talking about the outfits and whatnot. I saw some friends that were out at the Renaissance Festival this past weekend. And you know, they all dress up. I don't know if they call those costumes or not. But they're whatever, right? I don't really there, whatever. But dressed up in the Renaissance style stuff. Let's just call it stuff. How far off? Is that kind of apparel from kind of the Stevie look like


Brooke Alyson  26:41

that? Where you can actually take the Stevie looking? Go to the rent? Okay. Yes, for sure.


Randy Hulsey  26:47

So would you say there's not much variation in the two there's a little renaissance and gypsy? Is it kind of CO mingled a little bit.


Brooke Alyson  26:54

Okay, it commingles Yes, it does. Okay, cuz you can take little bits of here and there, but it's not 100%? Sure. Yeah, I'd


Randy Hulsey  27:04

say I didn't know. Like, like, the one thing I was thinking about, like if you showed up out there, which I have, right in all of your in your stage ensemble, right. Would people say? Oh, that's a cool Renaissance outfit, or would they say, Oh, she looks like Stevie Nicks? I didn't know if there's a variation of


Brooke Alyson  27:25

it. Yeah, I think that it's both okay. I think they, I think off the top of my head. I think they would.


Randy Hulsey  27:32

I'm not pushing for a certain answer. It's really I'm asking because I I never really thought about it until just now when we were talking about


Brooke Alyson  27:40

it's a little bit Bohemia. Bohemian. Gypsy witchy Of course you have a sure you know, a little bit of the Renaissance like, yeah, okay, but it's not full on Renaissance. Okay. Yeah. So,


Randy Hulsey  27:55

fair enough. How did how did nightbird start whose brainchild was nightbird?


Brooke Alyson  28:03

Oh, that'd be mine. Okay,


Randy Hulsey  28:05

so you you woke up one morning and said I want to put together a band. And I want to I want to portray Stevie Nicks in this band. And who did you turn to first? Who did you talk to first about this? I


Brooke Alyson  28:18

put out an ad I think I think that's what I did. Yeah, I'm starting to forget Now apologize. No worries. But yeah, I put out an ad and I contacted players and then we evolved a little bit. Okay. Yeah. Through the years.


Randy Hulsey  28:35

And how long is the band been together?


Brooke Alyson  28:38

13 to 14 years. Okay. And if there's somebody out there that knows better than me, I apologize. Yeah, I'm starting to forget this.


Randy Hulsey  28:47

As long as long as you're not telling the truth about the band. That's fine. As long as I don't do it. As long as I'm not the one lie and about the band. It doesn't matter if you're doing it. It's all legit. But and and if we're all fun, some dates that it really it really doesn't matter. I'm just kind of trying to get the gist of the band, you know, a decade or so. Right? That's, that's good for me. Yeah. So really, you just grew the band organically there. There wasn't players that you had in mind. Specifically, it was more of let me just post something and see what I did. And okay, at first,


Brooke Alyson  29:21

there was a player particular wolf along he's a bass player vocalist in the band. He also does percussion as well. And he was actually in me gene Killman. The diehards it's a blues band. Unfortunately, we lost me in gene A few years ago. Gosh, I think it's been a while now. Okay. And I guess he had decided to leave me in jeans ban. And we were looking for a bass player. And then the next thing I know he was actually in interested in joining us and we had always dreamed like, oh, wow, if we could get him in the band, you know, okay, that'd be amazing. Or if we could get someone like him, you know, make sense. I'd hear Wade here we are. Now we have him in the band. Okay, you know, and he lays down those great John McVeigh. Yeah, Bass Licks and rhythm section does a really good job.


Randy Hulsey  30:22

So let's, let's talk a little bit about the band who is portraying Mick Fleetwood. Who's your who's your drummer? That's your brother. You mentioned your brother. And then the Christine McVie.


Brooke Alyson  30:34

That's Kelly Thompson. Okay. She's She, I mean, I've She's definitely the Christine to my CV. Yeah. She does a wonderful job on the vocals. She also does acoustic guitar in some percussion as well. And of course, we all do the harmonies together very proud of the harmonies in the band.


Randy Hulsey  30:56

That's awesome. Harmony, you know, harmonies are, you can either sing them or you can't sing them. Right. A lot of people are able to sing harmony. So that's I love seeing harmony. Isn't it? Cool?


Brooke Alyson  31:07

And I am definitely a melody singer. I mean, of course, but if you get me singing harmony, I'll totally do it. I love it. Yeah, since I was a kid, my dad actually was worried I was gonna be stuck seeing harmony all my life. And I was like, No, it's okay, dad. Because when we were in the car, I'd always sing harmony to everything.


Randy Hulsey  31:28

Harmony. Harmony is a gift. You know, you can like I said, you can either you can either find that pitch or you can't find it. Quick, you know, and some people are better at it than others for sure. As far as the Lindsey Buckingham part who who portrays Lindsey,


Brooke Alyson  31:44

well, we have a sort of, I'd say Lindsey slash Swati Wachtell from Stevie Nicks his own band. He portrays. I mean, everybody kind of portrays their own self, but brings the spirit. That's what I actually like to say, that's better. You know, we like to bring the spirit ultimately, absolutely. You know, nobody is actually you know, so far nobody puts on wigs or anything, not that I'm against that or anything, because we've actually thought about it. But you know, and that


Randy Hulsey  32:19

I kind of like how you phrase that anyway, because you're right. I mean, these these fine musicians are not going up trying to look like somebody or, or be like, I mean, they're there themselves. But I was trying to correlate, you know, when we talk about John V and the bass, like who and your band is playing that that's what I was trying to correlate the two,


Brooke Alyson  32:41

personality wise, they're kind of a mix the Jason and Wolf, kind of a mix of each. But our guitars to Johnny, Reverend Johnny, and he actually was in the Fab Five before of it. Okay, which is another wonderful band. Okay. Yeah,


Randy Hulsey  33:01

I've certainly heard I've never seen them. Yeah, I haven't seen them. But I see him of course, all over social media.


Brooke Alyson  33:08

Yeah. So very honored to have him in the band. Very cool. lays down the Lindsey in the lobby.


Randy Hulsey  33:15

Very cool. And are all of these guys that are currently in nightbird? Are they all native Houstonians, or from the area? Or are they you know, like, if they're from other parts of the country and just found their


Brooke Alyson  33:29

way here where Johnny is from actually, I don't know if he's native Texan. I got to ask him that. Hey, Johnny. Wolf is actually from California. And Kelly's originally from


Randy Hulsey  33:43

Illinois. Okay, so there are some out of staters, then very cool. And Jason, of course, is native Texan. And our I'm assuming, I think you mentioned this earlier, but some are in other bands as well.


Brooke Alyson  34:00

Let's see. No. All there. All right now. Well, Johnny has a Willie Nelson tribute. Okay. And that kind of leads me to Jason's new thing that he's a Waylon Jennings tribute as well. And they're actually coming together with Vinnie wills or Johnny Cash and Paul Byron as Kris Kristofferson. There could


Randy Hulsey  34:24

be the highwayman. Okay, well, Paul Byron was in Diamond jack for a while. Jack and also Fab Five. Okay. Yeah, I didn't know about the Fab Five. See, I'm learning something like Oh, Byron was


Brooke Alyson  34:35

also a phenomenal Alice Cooper. Really love it to death. We all beg him to bring it back. But


Randy Hulsey  34:42

well, I'm learning something new. That's that's one of the reasons I put this show together. Your soul


Brooke Alyson  34:54

Wait, I've been around.


Randy Hulsey  34:56

It seems like you know, to me and maybe, I don't know, maybe I don't don't get out much, but it seems like the tribute thing and maybe it's been around a long time. But it seems like it's just gotten really more popular like loaded. Yeah. Like, I used to not see so many tribute bands, of course, people were covering all of these artists, right? There's cover bands, and then there's tribute bands. And now it just seems like there's a lot of and a lot of the ones that I've seen, you know, the Stevie Ray bonds, the oz all the ones that I've seen her are phenomenal. I mean, they're great. And you, you better be right, if you're gonna say if you're gonna put your name on, you know, we're nightbird are were Oz, you have to bring something to the table, right that people are gonna leave and because i I'll be honest with you the first, the first, take that back, the first tribute that I saw was a guy named Rob Hanna, who did a tribute to Rod Stewart. I saw him in Vegas. And I was flabbergasted like this guy looked like rod he walked like rod he talked every mannerism was like where he did his homework. But this was way back in the day before tribute, you know. And then fast forward. So this was 25 years ago, 20 years ago, whatever, whatever it was, fast forward. I was at the scout bar, and I saw a motley tribute band of scorpions. And then the headliner was oz. And before I even showed up, you know, I'm probably like every other person that's gonna go see an artist tribute because Ozzy is so there's only you know, you can't just do Ozzy, right Ozzy so unique. So you know, you have this doubt in your mind. And I showed up and when I left there, I was like, Okay, y'all just kick my ass. You know, all of them are fabulous musicians. And they were spot on. There is no doubt about it. Yeah. And, and I'm a huge Ozzy fan. So


Brooke Alyson  36:55

when I started, there was just a few. There wasn't I mean, that I was aware of it. The tribute band scene was kind of in there wasn't even a lot of women starting off or even I, I don't actually. Oh, there was miRNAs Sanders, who did an excellent Janis Joplin. Okay. Cosmic pearl. So that was the only other one and then now we have all these different tribute Sisters is what I call them. You know, we have the Selena. We have this, these others. I mean, it's, it's great. It's awesome. Yeah, kind


Randy Hulsey  37:36

of a sorority now. Right? Yeah. I guess I'm kind of the mom now. Am I? Just joking. You guys, I think some of you guys also do a trio. Can you talk a little bit about the trio and how that differs from the band?


Brooke Alyson  37:56

Oh, wow. Yeah. Well, Wolf is actually I'd say, though, one man, Dan, of the trio, because we don't just do bass keys. And, you know, he adds all the percussion, he tries to kind of add that drum thing. I guess, I don't even know, what is it called? I don't know. It reminds me of Mary Poppins, you know, guy, boom, boom. I don't know what it's called. And then Kelly does her acoustic guitar. And the key is when you know, not at the same time, yeah. are still wondering if she will. And then I do the vocals and what do you know, pared down,


Randy Hulsey  38:39

okay, but it's all is still all Fleetwood Mac or in Stevie Nicks or something


Brooke Alyson  38:44

when the venue or event will do private parties want just Stevie and Fleetwood will do that. Yeah. But then basically, if we just play, you know, out at a small venue, it's usually the smaller ones. will mix all the classic rock, you know, some country Okay, little alternative there. You know, it's all different. Yeah. So it's a it's a nice change. And I


Randy Hulsey  39:10

was gonna ask you probably the same question that I asked eggy when he was here. I think my exact question to him was, if you were to leave Oz and go play in another band, and you guys were covering Iron Maiden, would it sound like Ozzy fronting? Like and I was gonna ask you the same thing. If you were playing a heart song would it sound like Stevie Nicks was singing the heart song.


Brooke Alyson  39:38

And we've actually had a hard tribute. And I'd like to think and I try to not sound like Stevie okay. I mean, personally, I'm not trying to do that at Stevie comes naturally to me, but I can sing all these other genres. Do you


Randy Hulsey  39:57

have to think about that though? When you're singing like Do you have to say Don't? Don't, you know, do it like this or don't do it like that. Like don't, don't phrase it that way. You know what I'm saying?


Brooke Alyson  40:08

No, I don't think so. Okay, I think about it. I don't think about it. Okay, so I know. Well, and voice is really big and powerful and strong, and hopefully I can do that. Okay. Yeah.


Randy Hulsey  40:22

She's not she's not easy to do. I mean, she does have a big boy.


Brooke Alyson  40:26

I think she's the best rock and roll. I love them. And, you know, I'm sorry, Stevie. But they it's true. She She just has this amazing, powerful voice she


Randy Hulsey  40:38

does. The joke in the house here is if I ever gotten divorced and remarried it would be I'd have to go after Nancy Wilson. Wilson.


Brooke Alyson  40:48

Oh, yeah. Which I feel like she's underrated. Her voice is just incredible, too. Yeah, I just feel like you know, everybody thinks and of course, you know, rightfully in a way but Nancy still has a beautiful voice.


Randy Hulsey  41:01

I saw her play some stuff live on The Howard Stern Show. And her voice is very nice. But you can tell it's not quite as powerful as is a little different. It is that it still but they sound so good together. They always say that. Nobody harmonizes like siblings do and that's why the Bee Gees, were always so great. Because nobody could do it like the brothers get good. So I was gonna pick your brain a little bit on Fleetwood Mac trivia. And as it's easy questions, but do you remember how many of the let's think about the classic lineup as we know it? Flew? Of course I've gone through lineup changes, right, but the classic? How many of them were British? Do you remember?


Brooke Alyson  41:49

Yes, I know this. Well, you're talking about the classic lineup, right?


Randy Hulsey  41:53

Yes. Christine, John, Mick, Lindsay and Stevie.


Brooke Alyson  41:58

Yeah, Christine, John and Mick. Good.


Randy Hulsey  42:06

That's why I wanted this. I had to clarify. Classic. No, no, no, go there. Right. Do you remember what the name of the duo was that Stevie was in before joining Fleetwood Mac


Brooke Alyson  42:20

will do is Buckingham Nicks. And there's a band called Fritz.


Randy Hulsey  42:27

You get 10 bonus points. Brooke. You now have 22 points. There's only been 10 albums that have ever passed 14 million in record sales. Which one was it for Fleetwood Mac that went over the 40 million


Brooke Alyson  42:47

of darn well I mean I assumed rumors but I think it's not a trick question.


Randy Hulsey  42:52

You're right that's right that told you these were these were not gonna be hard so off of that record there was a song called dreams and if you would like we could maybe play that I'll grab the acoustic guitar and and we'll see what it sounds like. What'd he say?


Brooke Alyson  43:31

Well here you go again. You say you want freedom? Where who am I to keep it down it's a way that you feel good gave Lee to the unknown and is like a hobby Josh. In the Stennis mammaries what you hate and what you love low and low brain Oh, I love you when they say when they come in they go Oh. When a rain washes you please oh well, you know Here we go Ghana see a crystal vase I Kima visions to my says yay to wrap around your Dre Zan have you in a dream dude Lex is his hobby jamai in the staleness of memories what you hey and what you low anyone know Brainer yeah and players love you when they say when they come and go plan the rain washes you clean Oh players they will go when brainwashing Yo yo yo will no no


Randy Hulsey  47:21

so that was dreams live off of the rumors record. There was also I think a song. If my memory serves me correctly, I think it was the 25th video and that ever aired on the 25th video that aired on MTV


Brooke Alyson  47:45

and you said you can not remember numbers.


Randy Hulsey  47:48

Well, I do remember I think that was 1981 Maybe 81 But there was a song that Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks did together called Stop dragging my heart around. I'm assuming that you know that right? Would you like to try that one too? Yeah, well, we have the guitar over here left All right, cool. I didn't know it was the 25th though. You remember what the first was? Video Killed the Radio Star. Ha what man


Brooke Alyson  48:23

I know it's the something right? It's one of those the I can't remember the bubbles. The bubbles. I wanted to say the muggles I almost Ooh, baby you come knocking on my Bronto same Alana used to use Bebo. I said hey, well what am I supposed to do? I didn't know what I was getting into. Trouble in town. dial down Dragon. Dragon mouth stop dragon. Solid thick a bad wood. You will own it. It's odd to think about what you love. Well, this doesn't have to be the big Get even that doesn't have to mean anything oh stop dragon dragon stop dragon this people run and now no sin God nothing better to do the Myka mela song some badass kid. Y'all need someone looking after you stop dragon dragon dragon Stop dragging my horse around Bailey Stop dragging my horse around that was fun. That was a great, thank you. Awesome.


Randy Hulsey  52:03

Thank you, Brooke. That was great. Thank you. That's pretty. That's not too bad for not ever practicing together or even taking taking a trial run at it. That was great. It's like just let's do it. And if it works out, it works out. If it don't, then well, we won't leave it in the shower. Right? That's the beauty of editing.


Brooke Alyson  52:21

I'd like to give a shout out to my boys the damn torpedoes from Austin as the Tom Petty tribute. Seems like it would be a logical thing to say right now. We usually get together and do those songs and the damn torpedoes are really good. They are like they represent Tom Petty. Did they're just incredible. Every time I see him, I just Oh, you know, it's kind of like Stevie Ray Vaughn when


Randy Hulsey  52:51

it's pretty amazing. I just started a vinyl collection. Kind of late to the game with collecting vinyl. But one of the most recent records that I bought was Tom Petty's Greatest Hits, and it's like, oh, he just doesn't write bad songs. And my wife and I have conflicting opinions about Tom Petty. I think she doesn't really like the kind of the nasal Lee vocals. But you know, you look at people like, well, he has a particular sound he does. He does. You know, you look at people like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan and you know, maybe, maybe John Mellencamp you, you lump all these guys. Are they the best singers in the world? Probably not. Right. But


Brooke Alyson  53:36

Willie Nelson. Yeah, I


Randy Hulsey  53:37

mean, but they all have their own style that is unmistakable. There's no doubt. So you have to give them props. Let's see. Yeah, there was kind of an interesting story. When I, when I started the podcast, you know, I had this, this vision of the show and what it would be about. And I often thought, like, I wonder how successful the show will ever be. And not that it really mattered because it was more of a labor of love than anything. But I said, Well, I think that I have to have a name for my studio and this and that. And we just played the song dreams. And as I, as I thought of a name for the studio, and thinking about you know, will the podcast be popular? Will people listen, bla bla bla, I said, Man, I just wish I had this crystal ball that I could look into. So that is where the name crystal vision studios came from was and I thought that was so I figured if anybody got that you would get it. I think that's awesome. Yeah. And there was another little tidbit of information that when my daughter Hannah was born, the first name that we want, I wanted to name her was Stevie and it was decided against, so we went with him. But Stevie was right there with you know, I was always a big Stevie fan.


Brooke Alyson  55:04

Hannah's a beautiful name. Yeah.


Randy Hulsey  55:07

So what's coming up for nightbird that you can talk about? First of all, from a show perspective? And then I guess the second part of that question would be, and I kind of asked this of giggy. And Todd, has there ever been any talks in the nightbird camp of writing original material with the flavor and sound of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie next? So what's coming up for you guys? And then what's your thoughts around something like that?


Brooke Alyson  55:42

Well, what's coming up is actually a bunch of shows. Coming out? Yes, it's wonderful. We pretty much got booked up the end of the year, and we're already getting a bunch for next year. So I mean, I would say that's, you know, just keeping the nightbird train going. Also, November 5, and sixth. November 5 will be a deck is Brickhouse. The November 6 will be at Main Street crossing. Okay. And Tom, and Tom ball, and we're just going to go from there. Yeah. Play shows. And, as for original songs, I have my own. Okay. I haven't been writing as much admittedly, lately, because I've just been so busy with these, this project. And it's it. My own songs are at ReverbNation slash Brooke. Allison. Okay, just one long word


Randy Hulsey  56:34

right to know, a LOI. So? Yes.


Brooke Alyson  56:39

Don't forget the E on the book.


Randy Hulsey  56:41

Or you or they won't find you. Actually, it's funny because I typed in Brooke, Allison. Earlier, I was Googling you. And I did type your name right. But there was a Brooke Allison that came up and it's a ll is O N and she was a pop star in the 80s. Right.


Brooke Alyson  57:01

So I think in the 90s, maybe, maybe, that and I'm actually I've seen her I'm like, Oh, hey, hey, girl. Well, I was Brooke Ellison since I was 12. Right? Yeah. And there's also a cute little girl that unfortunately passed on her name is Brooke Ellison Phillips which is interesting because we share the same exact name. And I think they're doing something she passed away from cancer. And she was like five years old. And I think they have some special if you look up her book, Allison Phillips they have some special thing. I just looked her up. Okay, this remember her? Yeah, she's so cute.


Randy Hulsey  57:45

So the the shows coming up Main street crossing in Tomball. And then Jackie's Brickhouse. I was down at Jackie's played there last weekend. Always great to see John Pereira and the staff there at Jackie's John, John Pereira the GM there Jackie's work he and I were roommates for a while and best friends growing up and did a lot of things that we won't talk about this show maybe another show but that's another story for some other time and another bottle of wine. But love love John and yeah, so as far as where the listeners can find you in the band. So you talked about your ReverbNation spot for your stuff. Yes. What what other plugs can you give to social media outlets for the band and other stuff maybe for yourself as well?


Brooke Alyson  58:38

For nightbird is nightbird And I believe Nicks tribute band. I believe that's what it is. So just so long, big word. And we're on Instagram at nightbird it's either official or tribute nightbird official or nightbird of all


Randy Hulsey  59:01

of all the things and I told you before we started recording I'm going to stop you on that you didn't listen I know we had kind of a funny conversation before we started the show and I said one of the things that I'm going to ask you is where the listeners can find you on social media and I said if you're anything like me there's a different handle for every down to keep it all together. I do too but sometimes they're just taken then you can't so it's like backstage pass radio backstage pass radio PC and unlock can't keep it all straight in my head


Brooke Alyson  59:38

to Graham is on Instagram it's night for tribute band. Now I remember


Randy Hulsey  59:45

I'm gonna trust that that's correct. Well, you you guys could probably search nightbird tribute band and it'll come up Houston, Texas based for all the listeners outside of South Texas right and it's I'm proud to say that were heard and over 450 cities in the United States and 19 countries now so we're getting out. But for those that are looking for Brooke in the end, the band The Houston bass nightbird tribute to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, how do you distinguish if it's like a Stevie Nicks tribute band or a Fleetwood Mac tribute band? Because I know that Stevie of course was solo. But how do you say it's one and not the other? Or do you just kind of use them in conjunction with what I


Brooke Alyson  1:00:33

usually tell people? We take the best of Fleetwood back in the best of Stevie and their live shows. And we kind of mix it. So whatever you're seeing, we try to take from Fleetwood Mac's live show. I got you and some of Stevie's as well. Do I have my information?


Randy Hulsey  1:00:52

Correct? You might be you probably know the background better than I do. Of course, but wasn't her sister a backup singer for her? Am I right on that?


Brooke Alyson  1:01:03

Almost sister in law? Sister in law? Yeah. Sister in law.


Randy Hulsey  1:01:06

Was it Laurie or Laura or something? Sorry, Laurie. Okay. So so I wasn't dreaming that okay, and I've briefly got


Brooke Alyson  1:01:13

to meet her. Actually. I've never met Stevie. But I have met Laurie. She's very nice. She's very sweet.


Randy Hulsey  1:01:20

And is she still working with Stevie? Or is that kind of a thing of the past? Or what do you know about it?


Brooke Alyson  1:01:28

I think she is I think she took a break because her daughter had a baby as well. So I think she took a break. But they that goes back 40 years at least. Oh yeah. Yeah. It's a long time. Her and Sharon solani. Yeah. Okay, who was Stevie met in Hawaii? And I know all this trivia trivia. I you know, my home isn't like Stevie everything. You know, Fleetwood Mac, was not a shrine. No, I mean, I, you know, there's the Stevie Nicks style, for sure. But it's not like I'm some obsessed fan. Right. You know, even I'm sure some people are like, what your tribute? Do? You obsessed? You know, no, no. And somehow I know all this stuff. And I don't know where it comes from. You I think you Cervia think


Randy Hulsey  1:02:14

you have to I think you have to be steeped in knowledge on the people that you're, you know, you're you're not either honoring, right. Yeah, exactly. I mean, but like when I was sitting across from ag and Todd that evening, and I go back to those guys. And I like to think that I know a lot about music trivia. And I made I knew better. That's, I have to preface what I'm saying by saying that I actually knew the right answer. But I said something wrong to them about a particular player in the band. And they immediately corrected me on that. And I'm like, Hey, this is my show. You don't correct me. I know. But I know I said it wrong. But I knew in my head that I I knew the right answer. So anyway, but but I think that you know, to be to honor somebody like Stevie Nicks or whoever you have to know about them. Like, you can't just say, Okay, well, I'm gonna throw a dart at the wall. And I'm gonna be Angus Young today. Right? And you don't even know where he grew up or anything like that. I would say,


Brooke Alyson  1:03:17

you know, if you're going to start a trip you you really should love this.


Randy Hulsey  1:03:22

I would think so. Yeah, I think that that's the prerequisite. Yeah. I agree with you. 100%. I stumbled across something today. And I think since we're not quite empty nesters here, yet, I still have my youngest son Cameron that lives with us. But our pets have become like kids to us to Terry and I and they're like our babies now. And I stumbled across something on the internet today and I think you're a dog lover. Oh, big lover, as well. And I think that maybe do you have some rescues or? Or


Brooke Alyson  1:04:03

yeah, Phoebe is my rescue. Okay. And technically, I guess Bo he is but Phoebe is definitely my rescue. She was running around wild and somebody probably dumped her.


Randy Hulsey  1:04:15

So your adult you're a dog mom.


Brooke Alyson  1:04:18

I'm very much dog mom. Okay,


Randy Hulsey  1:04:19

so no, no cats or any other creatures or critters at home.


Brooke Alyson  1:04:23

I love all animals. So yeah, I grew up actually with horses. The Joe Yeah, I had five horses and I did lessons and I actually did some competitions. And I got some ribbons. Some you know, actually blue ribbons and my baby. My horse was Hajia mirror and he was actually the 1978 Grand Champion halter from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Good.


Randy Hulsey  1:04:51

Boy, we learned something new today about I had no idea you're gonna come in here and tell me that you were


Brooke Alyson  1:04:57

we just animals right? Horse expert.


Randy Hulsey  1:05:02

We did kind of shift gears a


Brooke Alyson  1:05:04

little bit I was on tangents actually. We started


Randy Hulsey  1:05:07

that's, that's fine. I mean, that's the this is the show is really about talking about you and and what what makes your brain tick and what interests you and where you came from. So this is, you know, if we go down animal path, and that's what you love, and that's what you love.


Brooke Alyson  1:05:23

Yeah, and I'm allergic to cats. Are you unfortunately very, very allergic or to have them.


Randy Hulsey  1:05:28

It's interesting that you say that my son Campbell, we had a cat for a while. This was a long time ago, and I never grew up around cats. But he was extremely allergic. What do you call it? The Dan dander and the and the dander and the skin or whatever. But, but a dog doesn't. Doesn't like affect him the same way, which is kind of weird, but


Brooke Alyson  1:05:54

people are affected by the dog by dogs. Okay, but then some times, you know, well, supposedly, I have hypoallergenic dogs. You know, the there's a I think Maltese might be trying to remember I can't remember there's certain dogs that are supposed to be hypoallergenic.


Randy Hulsey  1:06:13

Okay. I didn't know that for dogs. I said I knew I knew music trivia not dog steeped on my doctors. Well, for that's, that's a fan we have. We have to we have to and I think we were keeping my daughter's Pitbull for a while while her and her fiance at the time were in an apartment. And it wasn't fair to keep a pit bull in an apartment. So we kept a stormy here and you know, kind of had run in the backyard or whatever. But they since you know moved into a home and so they're able to they're so sweet. They're amazing dogs like they get such as one. Yeah, they get a bad rap. And they of course they I think it's the owners that train them to be mean, but ours are as cuddly and lovable is you know, you probably wouldn't want to get on their bad side like any animal for that matter. But they they're they're just the sweetest lovable dogs. I can't say enough about them. Yeah. So let's do some quickfire questions. And these can be simple one word answers or if you want to elaborate on any of them certainly feel free. Besides Fleetwood Mac, favorite rock band? Well, I


Brooke Alyson  1:07:33

think I answered that earlier. It would probably be you too.


Randy Hulsey  1:07:36

Okay. And if it wasn't you too, do you have like a third?


Brooke Alyson  1:07:41

Oh, I like Tom Petty. I have many so I don't know how to answer that. I always joke that if that if I was a male, I'd probably be Abano tribute my pride via YouTube. But yeah, I have so many say other ones. Gosh, I just love so much music. I know. I do not know how to answer.


Randy Hulsey  1:08:07

I think the quickfire questions are sometimes the hardest questions because they they're they can be anything right like the ones I asked you about yourself. They're kind of like, Oh, I


Brooke Alyson  1:08:15

love Miranda Lambert. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I do. That's another one. Sure.


Randy Hulsey  1:08:20

Don't you love the song The house that built me?


Brooke Alyson  1:08:23

I can't even listen to it. Asked me to perform that my solo shows. It's sappy. And I cannot I will ball.


Randy Hulsey  1:08:30

It's a nostalgic song. I mean, if you if you come from a house that was steeped in love, and there's so many fond memories of that house and even when I go back to my old stomping grounds, and I go past my house, my head is just flooded with man. I remember running on that side of the house. And you know, these things that there's definitely one vivid Yeah, vivid details of you know, the growing up and so yeah, going back to the house that built her right is an amazing, whoever wrote that. I don't know if she wrote it, or did she Okay,


Brooke Alyson  1:09:04

and totally understand. I love her new album too. Okay. It's a great,


Randy Hulsey  1:09:10

I'll have to give that a listen. There's so much stuff I tried to listen to and I tried to find new artist and expose new artists that are coming up and it's hard to hear everybody but I always love recommendations, like people say, Oh, you've got to have this person on your show or you need to listen to this person's music like you know, talking about your brother earlier. I had no idea that your brother was first of all in the band, but let alone had you know his own stuff out on the the internet as well. Besides Stevie Nicks about a favorite female singer.


Brooke Alyson  1:09:46

Right now like I said it was Miranda Lambert. Okay. Besides Stevie Nicks. Oh, these are hard. These are harder. I'm not saying that. We're gonna be easy bro. No, sorry.


Randy Hulsey  1:10:00

There's no right or wrong answer. That's the beauty of these.


Brooke Alyson  1:10:04

I'd say Miranda Lambert. Okay, growing up was Wynonna Jen. And back then, at a certain point was Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, Sarah Brightman, who's actually an opera singer Loreena McKennitt. Who is Celtic. Okay. So I mean, yeah.


Randy Hulsey  1:10:24

All all phenomenal singers in their own rights. Do you have a favorite Fleetwood Mac song?


Brooke Alyson  1:10:34

Well, can I answer that as perform? What? or is that coming up?


Randy Hulsey  1:10:41

See, you're trying to like do the show. Like this is your show. Brooke, answer the questions that I get. No, no, that's That's great. Because sometimes I do ask that very question. What what's your favorite Fleetwood Mac song but it can be what's your favorite Fleetwood Mac song to do live? You answered however you want. I was only picking on you probably.


Brooke Alyson  1:11:04

I like to say Sarah is my favorite one. Yeah, I'd say Sarah. There's something about it. I have many. But I think Sarah


Randy Hulsey  1:11:17

Alright, so So Sarah, would be your favorite song to play live? What about a favorite Stevie Nicks song? Whether it's just in general or live Stevie Nicks specifically.


Brooke Alyson  1:11:35

Everybody loves you. By Stevie. I love that one. It's off her. One of her newest. Okay. And I love that one. It's a definite random one. Of course, I love it just 17. And, yeah, I think


Randy Hulsey  1:11:52

that's a classic staple. Song of Stevie's for sure. Yeah. If you if you met, you know, I'm in sales for a living I. But we won't even go down that rabbit hole. But there there's what we call an elevator pitch and sales. If you if you got into an elevator tomorrow. And you had that right up on the elevator with somebody? You know, Randy, what? What would you tell them about your business? They call that an elevator pitch. Right? Oh, so so if you said Randy, what do you do for a living? Run up the elevator so well, you know, I do blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What would your elevator pitch be? If you got in the elevator and Stevie Nicks was on that elevator and you had a ride? 30 floors up? Like what would the minute conversate? What would you say to Stevie Nicks? Have you ever thought about that? Like if I ever got to meet Stevie? What would I even say to her?


Brooke Alyson  1:12:53

What would I say do or is a baby? Because I've actually yes, I've thought about that. And I have no earthly clue. I really don't.


Randy Hulsey  1:13:05

So you just ruin the whole moment. Like you just blew the only chance you ever had to talk to Stevie and you didn't even know what to


Brooke Alyson  1:13:13

say. I'd probably tell her. Thank you. That's probably what I do. I'd probably say thank you. Really?


Randy Hulsey  1:13:21

When I thought about that question. I anticipated that being the answer. I mean, because I mean, what do you say to somebody like it? Like I said earlier? It's there's no right or wrong answer. But what do you say to somebody that's given so many great songs and music over the years other than just thank you for, you know, the the wonderful songs that have been written and stamped in our brains from an early age


Brooke Alyson  1:13:46

and she's taken my hand before it a show, really. So I've had that experience. Okay, I haven't been able to meet her personally. But she's taken my hand at a Fleetwood Mac show with that, which was she doesn't do a lot interesting. And everybody's told me around there. She's not gonna take your hand. She came right over. She took my hand. And it was just one of those moments like, oh, wow, I you know, and at the same show, actually, Lindsey Buckingham. I don't know sometimes he comes down on I think, the chain, I get go your own way. And the chain is still to this day mixed up. But but he's playing, he's strumming his guitar. He gets down there. And he lets the audience start strumming his guitar, okay. And nobody else did. And he just came to me and he said, Do it, do it, you know, do it. Do it, do it. He said strum my guitar somehow. And I'm just like, all of a sudden I'm strumming his guitar. I'm looking around. And I'm saying I'm strumming his guitar and they're like, Yes, you are. It was one of those amazing moments.


Randy Hulsey  1:14:58

It's interesting. Yeah, it was He's a crazy guy. He's, he's, uh, he's, he's an interesting guy. For sure he's he's, first of all phenomenal guitar player, phenomenal songwriter. You can't take those things away from Lindsey. Yes. Singing is a little interesting, like to say the least. But it's always worked for Fleetwood Mac, worked for Buckingham nicks and


Brooke Alyson  1:15:27

which is an amazing album if you get to hear it. I agree. And,


Randy Hulsey  1:15:31

and I've never, I've never been fortunate enough to see Fleetwood Mac live. And they've always been one of my favorite bands. And it's it's always amazed me that one of the greatest albums that was ever written, in our time, rumors, we talked about that earlier, how five people could be at such odds and such turmoil and drugs and just fighting what you know, the the stories go on, and on and on. You know, this person's sleeping with that person, and now they're sleeping with, you know, was just a bunch of just stuff going on. How in the world did that music come out of that so much turmoil. It's in it's it's music that


Brooke Alyson  1:16:25

isolated the era though. Yeah. I mean, I, obviously I wasn't there. Right. But I've heard a lot of stories, you know, from my mom, even you know, and it sort of encapsulated the era that the whole spirit of rumors go, you know,


Randy Hulsey  1:16:41

it's Yeah, and I I read Steven Tyler's memoir, do the noises in my head bother you? And it was a fantastic book. And it he talked about that. So many years of drug addiction and just being stoned and high on blow and just everything that they could get their hands on. How in the hell did Aerosmith write the hit songs that they wrote that have stood 50 year test of time? Right and and not even in their right mind? Yeah, not even in their right minds. Just not not even thinking clear. It's amazing. And Will Will we ever have songwriters and people like that? I asked that all the time? I don't I don't I don't know. I would love to see it again. I have my mentor that kind of got me into play and guitar years and years ago, has always told me here recently, you know, the days of the balladeer are dead. You know, the, the Jim Crow cheese, the Dan Fogelberg, the Gordon Lightfoot sitting down


Brooke Alyson  1:17:45

Fogelberg. I absolutely that he is. Let me give him a moment. He is actually one of my very favorites. That's another thing. phenomenal singer songwriter Dan Fogelberg. Thank you for actually mentioning


Randy Hulsey  1:18:00

yeah, there's a there's a song that that I used to play in my solo shows called leader of the band. Yes. And it's it's a song that I like him dedicated it to my dad. And it's a song like you were saying earlier. The house that built me is a song that you just you get choked up. It's hard to get through leader of the band is that for me, because I'll get inside of that song when I'm playing. And I can't get through it. But there was an Interview with Dan Fogelberg years ago. And he said, If I only wrote one song in my entire life, I would have wanted it to be leader of the band. And that is amazing. What a what a fantastic song. Yeah, and will we ever hear stuff like that? Again? I don't I don't know. I wish I yeah, I do, too. Well, Brooke, listen, thanks so much for sharing your story with me today. It's been a treat to have you here and to get to know you finally, and I wish you guys all the success and I hope the show's pick up from all this COVID mess that we've been going through I I'm hoping that we're kind of coming out of the the variant and we're gonna all the musicians are going to magically get back to work and everybody else will get back to work. But thanks so much for for being here. Thank


Brooke Alyson  1:19:21

you. Thank you for inviting me. I really appreciate it. It's been so much fun. Yeah, I'm really,


Randy Hulsey  1:19:27

I'm glad you you made the haul out here while I have to fix you have peanut butter sandwich to go home because it's gonna be an hour and oh, so again, thanks for being here. And it's it's been a blast and I can now say that I performed as close as I ever will to Stevie Nicks. So I had my five minutes of fame here with as close as I'll ever get to perform with you. That's my pleasure. I ask the listeners to like, share and subscribe to the podcast. Also don't forget to follow Brooke in the band on so social media platforms, as well as nightbird official comm just a reminder that you can also follow the show on Facebook at backstage pass radio podcast on Instagram at backstage pass radio, Twitter at backstage pass PC, and on the website at backstage pass. Thank you guys for listening in. And we'll see you next time right here on backstage pass radio.


Adam Gordon  1:20:25

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